Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday already...

Talk about kids being mean to each other!! Personally, looking back, I admire the kid that did this!! We had a "Donald" that had a MAJOR farting problem in 2nd & 3rd grades. I remember that we all used to fight about who had to sit by him cuz he stunk so bad!! Amazing that I remember that so good, isn't it? But...keep in mind, we live in a house we bought a half block down from where my elementary school used to be! And it's about 8 blocks east of my old house I grew up in, and about 8 blocks west of Kev's mom&dad's house, that he grew up in!!
And, this freaked me out when it happened....lemme have some opinions, okay?
When it was 1976, we (all of us in the elementary school down the street) got to get together to paint the stuff on the playground of the school red, white, & blue. I guess I was in 5th grade then. And all the stuff on the playground was metal, ya know? And all the swings with their slides, & monkeybars & tether balls were on the part of the playground that was concrete!! Holy crap! Did our parents HATE us, and want us to die?? haha!
So after we got all the metal & concrete stuff on the playground painted, we were all so proud of it! And my cool 5th grade teacher (I even remember HER name!) called the local newspaper and they came out and took a picture of all of us 'big kids', who were in charge of the painting, all posed on the playground. This picture was printed in the newspaper in 1976, when I was 11. Many years later, after I had had Tiffany and was in my first horrible marriage, in about 1983 or -84, I was going in the trailer (yeah, we were trailer park trash then! I admit it...but I was only 19 or 20!!) we lived in, and there was something in the door. I pulled it out & looked at it...it was the picture that had been in the paper in 1976, with me and everybody on that playground!! I called my mom and asked her if she did it, and she said no. I knew she didn't, she had never, ever been out there to see me or Tiff in the whole year & a half we'd been there, why would she go there when I wasn't there? yeah, they lived in the same town too... Yup...bitter...anyway, I have NO CLUE who could've or would've done that! Odd, huh?
I'm just sittin' here, hoping my stupid headache will go away! It's totally different than any I've ever had before! It's behind my right ear, feels like somebody kicked me there!! Ow!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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