Monday, March 27, 2006


All right, which of you has done this?? You're corrupting future generations!!

They're bitching now about cyber-bullying. Personally, I thought 3-way calling was one of the worst things EVER for kids! Do ya have any clue how that was used by girls?? One would get a girl that she got along with & everybody hated cuz she was a snob on the phone, and call another close friend that she got along with too, but was a geek, and then the one that initiated the 3-way call would lead the geeky girl into talking shit about the snob. Leads to trouble times 3!! Luckily, we never got anything like that, but I have heard of it! Girls are really mental torturers!! Okay, if ya don't believe that, here's another story of how young the shit starts!!
One of the twins (remember, one is a girl, the other's a boy)...when they were about 3, they were getting ready to go to Wal-Mart with their grandma, and the boy was acting up. The girl twin told him they were gonna leave him at the store! OMG, he was SO scared!! That was just not nice! (even though I laughed about it later). However, that's only cuz I'm a female, and I understand this shit!!
On a serious note...a girl that Tiff babysat for once in a while, who is 13...well, Tiff was told by a customer at her job, that the girl's pregnant! Holy shit! I canNOT believe this shit!! I am so blessed that Tiff's still smarter than that!!
Another serious note...and I can hardly believe this one...a ten-year old boy in this town killed himself a few weeks ago! How could shit get THAT bad for him without anyone noticing?? I think he even left a note about how bad stuff was!
Okay...I have to get going, to do some stuff before Thursday.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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