Friday, March 24, 2006



Okay...I thought of a really funny thing that anyone can do if you're having a party, and, well, you know, people are NOSEY, after all, and don't most people, while they're in the bathroom, look in your medicine cabinet? Well...a few days before the party, take your medicine cabinet off the wall, and empty it of your stuff. Then, while you have it laying flat on the floor, fill it up with marbles and close the door. Then put it back on the wall, and it'll be all ready for the festivities and people at your house!! Voila! You will be remembered for years for this one!! I can almost guarantee it! But, prankster, be very careful. Do not open it before the party!! Or AT the party. You know, some things are only for the the fancy soaps, fancy towels, etc.

All right...enough of that...

My Australian friend, Sharon, called me on the phone this afternoon. I actually was quite rude at first, because to me, after I said "hello" (and it's VERY odd that I even answered the phone, cuz clr id said out of area, and I usually just reach over and knock the phone off the hook for a sec, and then hang back up), I have a lady saying "Can I please talk to Libby ----?" with a pretty heavy accent. I said "Who is this" (rudely!), she said "Sharon", I asked what company she was calling for!! Then, I thought for a sec when she said "What?", and, OMG, I couldn't believe it! I'm STILL apologizing!! Jeez-O!! How much more embarrassed could a person be?? Anyway...she still is speaking to me...'course...I'm the person that she's staying here with for a week...(if it was me, in a far away country, I'd be getting a flight home if someone talked to me like that!). So, Tiff & I are picking her up at the Columbus airport next Thurs, and I'm excited! And, oh yeah, she actually did get an international driver's license! But I asked her if she had practiced, and she hasn't yet...eeeeek!! Cuz, of course, they drive on the opposite side of the road there!! I don't know if I could! She was in a cab, riding from Baltimore to Wash DC. I guess it's about an hour and a half trip! I'm actually so impresssed! Mostly cuz I've never been to anywhere to the east in the US, only to the west (not much), to the south, and the north (the best! I love Michigan!!). The only times I remember going east are the 2 times Mom & Dad took me to London on vacation. And that's when I was 5 & 12! Long time ago!! So, we talked for a while, about what we're gonna do when she gets here (talking, movie watching, eating, etc!). Then I asked her if she actually saw kangaroos every day, and she said yes, because her town is partly in the 'bush' (Canberra, the capital of Australia). She works at a government building in the city, and there are always kangaroos in the city! She even told me that sometimes when you look out the window at work, you'll see a kangaroo curiously looking in at you, and she said it's almost like an inside-out zoo!!

So, after Wed. next week, I might not be on here at all till the following Wed...and, hell no! I'm not gonna do the ol' medicine cabinet trick, either!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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