Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ugly Tuesday..

Okay...I just decided to write today cuz I feel like shit, and, of course, I'll share...what kind of a friend would I be if I was selfish and didn't share??
Well...I haven't gotten an Avonex ms shot for over a month now, but I'm supposed to get one every week (they're intramuscular shots, not like diabetic shots). And I have 6 months worth of the shots out sittin' in the refrigerator. So what's my problem? My friend that comes to my house every week to give me one (she's also a home health care nurse), well, she's been in the hospital for a month. She thought something was wrong with her gall bladder, so her dr wanted to operate on it. Okay...then, what he does turrned into exploratory surgery. Sharon's sister called a couple days later, and it turns out it's not pea-sized, it's softball-sized, and inoperable, and it is cancer. Does anything bad EVER happen to BAD people?? Geesh!! I have such a really bad fuckin' attitude today!! No, sorry, she is WORTH tears, even though I know it doesn't help...
bullshit! I don't feel like writing now.

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