Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wednesday night..

I challenge you to not laugh your friggin' ass off at this!!

Man, I really wish Sharon didn't have to leave! We are having all kinds of fun...like with Kim, but I guess we've grown out of the "trouble factor". I HATE being a 'grown-up'!!

Okay, lemme try to run down the list of what we've done so far. Saturday, Tiffany & Zach & Jenga (the papillon!) took us to Polaris Mall down by Columbus. Of course, Tiffany acts like Jessica Simpson (her idol!...sad, isn't it?), and carries Jenga around in her leopardskin purse that I got her on eBay a while ago (yes, I'm an enabler!). And we went in and walked around (okay...they walked...I rode). Do you believe that they actually let dogs in there?? Not just seeing-eye dogs, but it seemed like all dogs! There was a big one that looked like a Labrador Retriever, & a teeny little 'teacup' poodle! Wonder how long that's gonna keep up? Then we went to the food court and got stuff to eat...Tiff got an ice cream cone for dessert and shared it with Jenga, and almost made Sharon & Zach puke...cuz Jenga would take a lick, then Tiff would take a lick! Zach watched that a few minutes, then said 'Nice. She was makin' out with her butthole a minute ago.' She just shrugged, and said 'I don't CARE! She's my baby!' Aaaaahhhh, youth, when you're dumb like that, and you DON'T care!

Okay, it's Wednesday night, and we had to take Sharon to Port Columbus today...sucked!! We ALL miss her! She is an amazingly good cook, and probably the biggest thing that makes her a good cook is that she really loves to cook! Huh...those people seem to be few & far between. In my opinion, anyway...

Sharon & I had Kev drop us off at WalMart Sunday, so we could just roam around & buy all kinds of stuff. The only thing different about a store in Canberra from here, is that she said a lot of our prices are lower. But she said they do have stores like that there, though. But our town only has about 45,000 people, and I guess Canberra has a population of about 350,000 , so, yeah they're not as hick town as us. Oh, and, that is the country's capital. That might maybe make a difference. Sharon does work in their gov't, and she told me the other day that President Bush came there once to visit their Prime Minister, John Howard, and she was just in her office working, and she looked out the window as she walked to her desk, and was just looking at the normal (for her!) trees with kangaroos hopping around them and all of a sudden, a big black helicopter flew up there and landed with President Bush!

So, her plane left today at 3:45 pm, and goes to Chicago, then back to Australia. So she's looking at sitting on an airplane until Friday! I was trying to get her to at least pack some boxes of raisins & stuff to eat on the way, but she said she can't, because they won't even let fruit from someone else's country into Australia, their customs is enforced so tight! And we spent all last evening laughing at the questionnaire she had to answer at the airport. The question we liked was "Have you ever engaged in moral turpitude?" She read that to me, then looked up at me, and said, "Hmmmm...no...but it sounds interesting..." Okay, see why we get along?? ;-D

Okay, I hafta go, been a big week, gonna try to go to bed at a decent hour.

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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