Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter weekend...Saturday...

Nothing really needs to be said here, now does it?

Cool! The movie "Cowboy Way" is on right now! I love it!! One of Kev's favorite lines is in it.."just wipe its nasty ol' ass, and put it on m'plate!" when somebody asks how do you like your steak? Puke. I want mine almost burnt!
Anyway...this morning started out with my (almost) favorite game. I woke up to really loud music, and the bedroom door was closed. I waited for the first 3 songs, then got up, and on my way to the shower, said, " Aldo Nova, Rush, and Motley Crue...". We always do this shit, and I love it! He's the only person I know that knows more artists of songs from the 80's than me!! So he always plays the songs, and I (try to) guess the artists. I'm disappointed in my talents for this morning, though. I struck out on Kansas "Carry on my Wayward Son". Shit!
Truman was crawling up on the highest part of our desk today. All I heard was "Truman get down, dammit!" I asked why he was yelling at my swe' pea...and Kev said he was trying to get to the cactus we put up there. I said, "Let him get it. He'll only do it once...". Haha!! Obviously, Kev ignored that brilliant idea, I heard him dump Tru down on the floor...which I've asked him time and time again not to do..."He'll hurt his dear wittle front paws!!" So Tiff and Zach came in a few minutes later, on their way down to a Blue Jackets hockey game. And, immediately, Tru was back up sniffing at the cactus! I heard Tiff say the same thing I did, word for word..."Let him get it, Dad...he'd only do it once...". Nope...dump, again...
Kev just came home from the drugstore. He got the Easter grass, etc.

there (you just don't do WalMart the day before a holiday...). Anyway, he picked me up a pack of Sudafed there, and it's getting even worse than I thought...not only did he have to get it from the pharmacist, they also took down his DRIVER'S LICENSE and put it in the computer! For one fucking box of Sudafed! What is the Midwest coming to?????????
I absolutely know why kids' life are like this now!! Because of the music they listen to nowadays!! Okay, I'm my mom & dad...but, seriously! No matter WHAT we listened to in the 1980's, it wasn't 'gangsta rap', all about fucking every girl, calling women 'ho's' etc! Lemme tellya, anyone that would've had the guts to call us "ho's" in the 80's would've gotten their asses kicked by us!! All those songs were about was having fun, going crazy, drinking, dancing...just FUN!! Even just listening to the music without the words, you can tell, it's just FUN MUSIC!! Not all depressing. And I still say Nirvana was the first sign of this shit! No matter what anyone says. I still think that's when all the whiney-ass music started. Okay, I shouldn't rant about them anymore...I'm just gonna quit now, and listen to the Arena Rock channel on digital cable (channel 412, but it might be different everywhere)...White Lion is on now, and I always was in love with them...not much better than a guy who can play the guitar like that...except a guy who can sing like the lead with Creed! (oops...Scott Stapp!)
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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