Tuesday, April 25, 2006

fix a bad day fast with cake for breakfast,ice cream sandwich for 'breakfast dessert'

Okay... today is much, much better! I called my ms dr up in Cleveland yesterday, and set everything up to get my iv steroids May 1st for 3 days...ms really sucks, but I guess this would be a 'fringe benefit'...LEGAL DRUGS that work better than illegal ones!! Very speed-like!! And 3 days of 1 hour each day is a VERY small price to pay for it! Especially since insurance pays for it. So I guess I can go without the crack for awhile (haha!).
When I requested to be transferred to the store up north, I must have been a total Godsend for the company, because there were major problems up there! I originally thought that would be a cool store to work at, cuz T was the manager up there, and, well, I was having NO LUCK with Kevin my biggest crush, so I got pissed and decided to go! No, that wasn't the reason, T was married...but, yeah, he was abso-fuckin-lutely gorgeous!! And he had been our store manager for a few months, and we got along really well (as friends!!! & boss & employee). So, yes, I ASKED for it! And, come to think of it, it was, like 20 years ago today!! Holy shit! I'm fuckin' old!!
Well, I got up there my first day, and after talking to a lot of other people that worked there, I realized that I was going to work in a 'den of iniquity'!! And if anyone thinks mistakenly that's an overstatement, read on!
I found out first thing that the current dept manager that I was replacing, had also requested her transfer, cuz...her fiance had been screwing around behind her back with a girl that worked in the meat dept in the same store!! And now, the girl in the meat dept was hugely pregnant with his baby!! Yeah...I bet that was a calm & pleasant experience to work in...or shop in, for that matter! A few weeks later, the old dept mgr's mom was calling everyone in town to find out if they'd seen her the night before, because she was missing. Nobody had seen her, but then a few hours later, the sheriff's office called her mom and told her they had found her dead by the side of the road. Turned out that she was back with her old screw-around boyfriend/fiance, and she was out riding his motorcycle with him. After that all happened, well, after the funeral, he got back with A, and married her, and they had a baby girl! And, as far as I know, they're still married...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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