Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday, April 10th

This is our 'pretty boy' Truman. Kevin took this picture the day after I brought him home from the animal shelter (Apr 2001)...and just look at him! He ALREADY knows he owns the place (& us!)!!
And the sign at the bottom is only funny you really NEED a sign to tell you all that? If we do, well, the human race is in trouble, aren't we?
Well, life is pretty much back to normal around here. Kevin & Tiffany & I are misbehaving again...and all is right
with the world. Kevin's mom has been in a musical/play all weekend at her church, & everybody in the family (ours & his!) went to it on Friday night. But we couldn't, cuz Kev worked till 7 pm, and it started at 7! So Tiff & Zach went Friday, and everyone else did too....we were the only ones that hadn't gone yet. And, no, we weren't 'shunning' going to church!! So we went last night, and it was good...long, but good...anyway, Kevin & I 'misbehaved', like always. There was an intermission in the middle, and Kev stretched out his legs and asked if he could take a nap, cuz the minister told everybody to stretch & get comfortable. I told him I don't think so...but you could probably light a cigarette...? Then, at the end, there was a plastic(?) Jesus at the top of the thing over the stage. Kev said something to his dad, who was sitting on his other side, but I didn't catch it. So I was just nice & clapped, & talked to people (Jesus even waved to me as he walked by!). When it was all over (we didn't stay for the fellowship & refreshments...I asked Kev's dad if he thought I could get pie to go), in the car with Kevin on the way home. I asked Kev "What were you saying to your dad at the end?". He told me that all he could think of was how would the Burger King mask look on Jesus up there? He is SO wacky!! A polite way of putting it...
So...I'm kinda nervous about church on Easter Sunday...ya know what it's like when you just have to laugh, even though nothing funny was even said? That's how I am 100 % of the time! Most of the time, it's not a problem, but...
A couple years ago, we were all at church together on Easter Sunday, & I was sitting next to Tiffany, who was sitting next to 'Aunt Kathy' (she sounds dignified, doesn't she?). The minister was asking "What do you think of when you think of Easter?". I was thinking all the stuff you're s'pozed to think...hope, peace, love, forgiveness...when I hear Kathy whisper to Tiffany "Eggs", and Tiff whispered back "Candy". Whattaya think happened? Oh, I was so embarrassed. Well, not really, but I had to act like it!!
See how I am? Kevin & Tiff and his family encourage me!! Yeah, that's it! It's all their fault!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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