Wednesday, April 26, 2006

i'm freekin' FREEZIN'!!!

I absolutely LOVED this stray kitten!! Our little neighbor girl brought her up to our door one day in the summer of 2003, and said this kitten & her brothers & sisters had just been turned loose, and she & her friends were trying to find homes for them..that was really nice of them, actually! I fell in love with this one, told her to leave it here....but, you see Truman's look of disgust at little Tinkerbell, so eventually I let her stay in the fenced backyard, & she lived on a lawn chair back there, and I fed & watered her til we found somebody who wanted her. I miss her still...

When I was at the 'store from hell', I used to hang out with my cousin, who only lived about 20 minutes from there. She was in college in Toledo, and stopped by one day on her way up there to pay her tuition, to see if I wanted to ride up there with her and her friend. Well, it was only another hour north, I like Toledo, it was almost time to get out of there for the day...need I explain further why I said yes?
So we all got in the car (me, Lori, & her friend), and headed up there, stopping first at McDonalds on the way out of town. We were bee-boppin' to one of our favorite songs (Here I Go Again On My Own, by Whitesnake), and keeping time with the windshield wipers & the song, and chomping on McDonalds stuff. All fun & games, ya know. It was pouring down rain...and in the fall, when there were all kinds of leaves falling, it was COLD & UGLY out!!
We got behind one of the cars whose drivers go, like, 45 mph in a 55 mph zone, and we were all bitching about it, but we actually slowed way down and backed off a lot, cuz it was so shitty out. That car turned off, and we had an empty road ahead. Everything was all peachy-keen, til there was a car coming toward us in the other lane, and a car going fast in our lane to pass it! They must have finally opened their eyes and realized our car was coming, and they hurried up and passed the car and got over in their own lane, but Lori wasn't sure we were gonna miss them and put on the brakes (not slammed!). All of a sudden, we were spinning around like a top, and we ended up in someone's front yard! We got out and looked at the car (to this day, Lori laughs about the fact that as the car is spinning, I'm stuffing the last bite of Big Mac in my mouth!). We went & apologized to the lady in the house for messing up her yard, and she let us in to use her phone. I got to the phone and called..T, my dependable store mgr!! Told him where we were, asked him "Well, ummm, can you please pick us up?" He did and took us back to the store so I could get my car, and I had to get Lori back home, so she could get to her job on time...and I was the one that had to take her dad & brother to the car, and try to explain the whole fuckin' thing! This, to my uncle, who is a tuff, tattooed, Harley rider & collector, tobacco-spittin' farmer! Shit!! She had just ran in the house, grabbed her work clothes, and said "Dad, Libby'll explain everything to you. Gotta go to work! See ya!" and my aunt took her to work! We got up there to the car, turned out the frame was bent, so the car was fucked & taken to a junkyard, and, well, I've made it my lifelong mission to make sure nobody in the family EVER forgets about this!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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