Thursday, April 27, 2006

alright, alright! i'm tagged! (thanks, you michigan peach!)

Haha!! I'll think of this every time I hear the phrase used!! And I'm not saying shit about the first picture!!

All right, I'll do the tag from Peach...I'd hyperlink her name, but I don't know how, so any hints would be welcomed!! It's for me to list 6 weird things about me...which will be really hard to do, since I AM the world's most perfect person, as I'm certain everyone reading this + my husband & daughter know!! Seriously!! I mean it!

#1 - I reread my books over & over, and I never get rid of any book. I have bookshelves in this house that Kevin built for me years ago, & they're ALL full! And I have a closet upstairs full, floor to ceiling of old paperbacks!
#2 - I still have lots of stuffed animals...mine, not just Tiff's!
#3 - I'm pretty much hooked on tv, but I usually have a book in my hand to read during commercials!
#4 - But I watch Fox News Channel all day, and then turn it back there at 10 pm.
#5 - Leftover pizza is my favorite breakfast...and just like Peach...COLD, not heated up!
#6 - I really don't like dogs. I'm not afraid of them, I just think they're, well, a lot more trouble than they're worth.
#7 - (oops...too many) I do like Tiff & Zach's papillon, she's more than welcome here, but only cuz I can tell them to get her outta here now...

That's my work for the day. !

The guy from the drug company that supplies my iv's & steroids showed up today, to drop off the bags of liquid steroids, the iv pole & needles, and everything. If I still had good enough balance, I'd be jumping up & down, clapping my hands, yelling "Yay!! Hurry UP!!" However, even with my stupid walker, I fell down in the kitchen (again) today. I think I'm like the peanut butter sandwich that always falls p'nut butter side down...whenever I fall down, it's ALWAYS in the kitchen where there's no carpet!! But, I lived...nothing a few Excedrins & a can of Coke won't help!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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