Thursday, April 20, 2006 tv night! (Survivor,CSI,W/O A Trace)!

I would pay TONS of money to see this actually happen! (no, with my luck it'd be me!)

Okay, I started something now...gotta write about the time up north...well, I'll get to a lot of it...
One time, Sue, M, and a lot of people from our store got together on a Saturday night to go out. We went over to the next town again, 15 minutes aways (like I hadn't learned my lesson before), but I was driving this time! We must've looked like a clown car, headed to the circus, cuz I had about 5 or 6 of us women in my my 1980 Honda Accord (the best car in the world!), and my kinda sorta sometimes when we got along guy was in another car with about 5 guys too.
We went to a different bunch of bars that night (one musta been in a gang area, cuz there was a big sign on the door that said "no colors"....and I don't think, even in that hick town back then, that was referring to black people...). We were just a whole bunch of friends going out and partying, not trying to piss people off or anything, but after a few hours, Sue pulled me aside and told me that M &, let's just call him John, were kinda hanging all over each other, didn't I care? I just told her, no, we each do what we want, it's not a real big deal...I don't give that much of a shit about him. After all, I'm hanging with Brian...
Well, after she heard that, I guess she really was mad at M herself, cuz it seems that she had plans for her to be John's next. But that had no chance of happening, for obvious physical reasons (she was twice as big around as John), but she had a really fun personality.
We were all out on the dance floor, and the music ended cuz it was about 2:30 am (remember when bars closed that early?). We all got together and headed out to the cars, when all of a sudden I was looking around for Sue, and she was nowhere to be found! Looked everywhere, went back in the bar, even checked the bathrooms in there, but no Sue! So most of the women got in the car with me to go drive around town and look for her. Up and down all those damn one-way streets, and everywhere, for about 2 more hours! Well, we were not to be trusted to watch out for each other, so...we met up with everyone else, and said goodbye, and took off back to the town we came from. God, I sound like a total shit, don't I? Group idiocy, I guess....I just stayed up there with M that night. The next Monday, we found out exactly where Sue had been....she had fucking WALKED home, 15 miles!! I was jumping up & down at her, wanting to know why in the hell would you do that?? She only shrugged and said she didn't wanna break up the party or anything, but the more I put it together, I think she had had 'plans' for her & John that night. (she's SO much better off without him! hmmm...maybe she oughtta be thanking us?)

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