Wednesday, April 19, 2006

American Idol last night...

Let's compare the IQ'S on these two...make sure you look closely at the date on the shirt at the left...then the kitten on the right. You pick. Which one graduated from high school?

American Idol last night was GREAT!! I actually think Paris deserves a recording contract right now, she sings so awesome, and at 17!! And, well, Ace, oh my God, he looked better last night than he EVER has! Holy shit! What sexy eyebrows!! (yes, that's my weakness...)

One time when I worked at the store up north, I went out drinking with a bunch of people from the store. It must've been in, like, December...I remember it was cold as hell! We decided to go over to the next town, basically, there were better bars (more hot guys) over there. I rode with another girl, which I almost never did, cuz I always had to drive (control freak..).So it was about a 15 minute drive over there. We parked in front of the bar we knew we were going to last, then just walked to about 8 or 10 different ones. Got back to the one we parked in front of, and went in, and went back to drinking and dancing. We all had a great time, cuz it was a Tuesday, and usually only we 'regulars' were there in the middle of the week. It got to be around 1 am, and I asked Sue to take me back to the store, cuz I still was gonna have an hour to drive to get home from there, and I'd have to be back to work the next day at 7:30/8:00 am. So we went be-boppin' out of the bar, all in a good mood and stuff...and it was snowing! There was about 2 inches of snow on the ground already. We were messing around, chasing each other and stuff, and I slid & fell smack on my ass! Which, of course, led to much laughing by everybody!! I got up, got the snow off me, and we all got in Sue's van to go back to the store. When we got there, she dropped me off at my car, and they all left. I went to my car, reaching in my jacket pocket for my keys...and they weren't there!! I was looking through every pocket in that jacket, and I just didn't have 'em! I went running in the store (it was a 24-hour store), so I could go in the bathroom and have a meltdown in private.
I slammed into the breakroom, and, I couldn't believe it! T, the store manager was in there still doing some paperwork! He was one of the best friends I ever had up there. I sat down across from him & buried my head in my hands "T, I lost my keys!!" *wail pitifully*. He stood up & smiled (who am I kidding? He laughed!). "Are you SURE you didn't just leave them in a bar?" I told him I NEVER take my keys out of my pocket and put 'em down on a bar, for Chrissakes! So (& this shows he really WAS a good friend!), he went to the office & called his wife, told her he had something to do before he came home (he lived about 45 minutes in another direction!), we went out and got in his truck. He drove us over to the town I'd been in, and went to the parking lot beside the bar, where we'd been. There was a guy out in front, using a snowblower on the sidewalk (at 2 am??). We just sat there & watched him for awhile. All of a sudden, I said "I bet I dropped 'em right there!!", and jumped out. I ran over, and my big group of key chains & keys were laying right there in front of the snowblower! I grabbed them right before he got to them! I still can NOT believe that!! Those keys, by all rights, should have been gone forever! I still wonder about what happened to make me so lucky!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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