Monday, April 17, 2006

more 9th grade stuff...

Tigger obviously had a wonderful Easter, didn't he? (I'm obsessed with Tigger, cantcha tell?). And I thought the other picture was very appropriate for this time of year!

Back in 9th grade, Kim & I couldn't hang out every day anymore, cuz that was her first year when they moved out to the country, and she changed schools...but we still hung out every weekend, and were on the phone every night.
That meant that I mostly hung out every day at school with Kris & Lisa, some other friends from 8th grade. Kris was pretty much just as nutty as I was, Lisa was pretty much our 'straight man'. We always walked to school together every morning, cuz the 9th grade was in its own separate school downtown (why?? cuz of the bad behavior?). And we'd always stop by a newspaper & cigar store on the way to school and spend all our lunch money on candy & gum...didn't you?
One evening, Kris was in a fight with her mom & dad because of her being mean to her younger sister. She was sent to her room & grounded. Well, Kris got really, really pissed cuz her sister had started it, after all, and when Kris was upstairs in her room she was pounding the pillow & screaming (yes, 9th grade). She finally sat up & looked around...caught sight of something interesting right outside her window. It was one of those great big antennas, made of really thick metal, and three-sided. She quietly opened the window, and climbed out, on the antenna, and down, and she was FREE!! She forgot her shoes, however, so there I was, in my room on our second floor, too, and on the phone with Kim. All of a sudden, I hear little rocks out of our driveway hitting my window. I told Kim to hang on, and went to my was Kris! (she lived in town, about 10 blocks from me). She's down in the driveway, throwing rocks up, and she wanted a pair of shoes, so she could walk over to her boyfriend's house!! haha!! I threw them down, and she took off over there. Pretty soon, I was off the phone, and it was Kris's mom asking my mom if she'd seen Kris anywhere! Nope, she hadn't seen her since that morning before school. And, of course, I hadn't seen her since right after school...but, yeah, I think her mom found her...not that it was that hard! Didn't every girl in 9th grade run straight to her boyfriend after a fight with her parents?
Another day, Kris & her boyfriend had a fight the night before, and he broke up with her. Kris, Lisa, & I were walking down one of the main streets in town on the way to school, talking (well, Kris was 'ranting'. She couldn't LIVE without him!!). All of a sudden, she threw all her books at Lisa, and yelled "I don't need this shit!", and took off running in the opposite direction of our houses and the school. I dumped my books on Lisa too, and ran after Kris, yelling "Put these in my locker!!" We ended up running all the way to the end of the main street, before we stopped to catch our breath. Then stood there, bent over with our hands on our knees, looked at each other, and started dying laughing like maniacs! Then we looked at our watches and decided it was way too late to go to school, after all, who wants to be tardy? So we walked all the way to the railroad tracks, then up the other street, and all the way out to the outside of town. Had to stop and play in the park, throw rocks in the duck pond, etc...then we went on down that street, turned and walked down past the factories out there, and a lot of the guys were outside eating lunch. They started yelling over at us, telling us to c'mon over to that side of the road. So of course we did, and we were telling them to toss over any bags of Fritos or potato chips they didn't want, cuz, remember, we spent our lunch money on gum & candy?
So after standing around, talking and eating (& flirting...), we started walking again. At the end of that road, we turned and followed the next one back to town, and started walking back to the middle of town. We were gonna go to the 'head shop' we hung out at after school every day to talk to the owner & meet our friends. On the way out of an alley, all of a sudden, we walked right into (literally!) the school's secretary, who was walking from the school to the post office!! We turned around and ran back down the alley, and crammed into a doorway ( she'd NEVER seen us...even though she was calling our names...). We stood there and debated what to do, and came up with a most wonderful idea! We walked back to the school, holding our eyes wide open so wind would blow into them, and make it look like we'd been crying. Got to the school, walked up to the principal's office, looked in, and started crying for real, because both our moms were sitting in there talking to the principal while her little brother & my niece were playing together (both about 3). Anyway, nobody got kicked out or anything, but we both got in trouble at home!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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