Tuesday, May 02, 2006

continued from Mon, May 1 post...if you didn't read that, you oughtta read it first

Okay…to continue with yesterday’s post on “the rickshaw solution”. My cousin and I had an extensive conversation on some more creative and fun ideas to do with them…I know if I could do the rickshaw drag, I’d have a helluva time with it! We decided that, since we’re in Ohio, and people here always talk about “we’re going to Amish country this weekend! Yippee!”…sounding like they’re little kids talking about going to Cedar Point or the zoo or something…sheesh! I know, it’s something enjoyable to a lot of people, but just not my cup of tea (or can of Coke). It just brings me a picture in my mind of people going there, wandering around among “the Amish”, looking curiously at them like they’re wandering around in the exotic animal exhibit at the zoo. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d feel all degraded if I was Amish and people treated me like that. But anyway, we decided that we could set up “rickshaw town”. She even chose the perfect town for it up in northwest Ohio! That would be a huge income for the whole part of Ohio! A tourist attraction, if you will…
Okay, that thought led to something…during all the festivals in that area all summer (like the testicle festival…do not disbelieve me here…I worked in that area for two years, and I KNOW FOR A FACT they have one up there…look it up! They actually deep-fry them and serve them…TO EAT!! They’re said to be delicious with beer.) We could set up rickshaw races, with just the ‘draggers’ pulling empty carts around the track…for an extra challenge for the men & women that were the best, maybe we could have them compete against horses (not real racehorses) with a sulky with a rider in it. Then I had to put one more nail in the coffin when I caught my breath after we’d been killing ourselves laughing for about 10 minutes. For the really daring, tough guys that wanted to…we’d let them do a rickshaw demolition derby! I’m disturbed and out of control now, maybe I could blame it on the 1000 milligrams of ‘liquid prednisone’ that’s going into my veins for a half hour a day!
But, I’m working on something that could tie it in and maybe help the illegal aliens with working on getting citizenship. Our federal government could supply a rickshaw to people that wanted to become legal, and once they did that job for 5 years, and take the citizenship classes, and be fluent in English, and had no criminal record or arrests, that could maybe somehow speed things up for them. Also, Tx brought up the point yesterday that it may not be good for some people’s health. Okay. We’ll also spring for a total physical exam, to be repeated every year. We can afford that, because we’ll be getting taxes on their income, and hopefully some deal can be made with an insurance company to give a super good deal to all ‘draggers’, illegal or citizens, and that may help defray the losses of the hospital bills that don’t currently get paid (like emergency room visits).
Well, I think that’s all I can come up with for that right now…
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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