Thursday, May 04, 2006

More randomness...

Hmmm...happy Mother's Day??

I'm just happy I didn't qualify for this picture!

Tiffany & a co-worker, Candy, did a commercial yesterday on a local radio station. Actually, they were there during the whole morning show, from 7 to 9 am. Tiff waxed one of the dj's eyebrows while they were there, and they were all making fun of him for whining, and they put pictures of it on the website! There's also a picture of Candy beside Jesse, from Toy Story 2, because they look SO MUCH alike!! (keep in mind, Jesse is a WOODEN DOLL!!). Then they were doing the promotion for the commercial, it's a big bunch of stuff for Mother's Day and everything. Then they were asking the girls 'tell us about your mom', and Tiffany said "My mom's my hero! And I know you're listening, so Hi Mom!" I almost started crying! But....I guess that's what comes with pms, & cousin & I laugh about the time we were watching tv, and she started crying at a coffee commercial, for heaven's sake!!

Kevin said a lot of the geeses' eggs are hatching out at Verizon, too. They have a big pond out behind the building he works at, and there's so many geese out there, I always tell him he should have his dad & brother go out there hunting one night, and we could have a deep fried goose for Thanksgiving...anyway, he said the babies look funny, they're all green, their feathers don't get that brown mix into them for a while. I said, so it looks like a bunch of mama geese with frogs following them around? He said, well, actually, yes! But he isn't sure how long the babies will be there, cuz there's some stray cats hanging out there in the country around that building...mmmm, lunch!

And I just ripped up some pieces of bread in little pieces, and threw them outside for the birds that always hang out chirping here outside the window, so Truman could hang out here on his 'kitty condo' beside the window & look at them. Then it started to look like it was gonna rain! Kev called on lunch, and I said 'I threw bread pieces out in the yard for the birds, and now it's gonna rain!! Wahhh!' He said that's ok...we'll just grow a bread tree, I guess...

Okay, I guess I'm done...not much else...I'm just really restless now after the steroids, and I'm busy, uhhhhhh, eating!! As a matter of fact, I hear a box of strawberry shortcake ice cream bars in the freezer calling me right now...after I finish my second sloppy joe here...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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