Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is exactly how far I am as far as unpacking my books :-/. But, I knew this was gonna happen...the first old, obscure book I dug out a day before I moved here was a Stephen King "From A Buick 8"...very good!! I'm still reading it. But I read fast...I started it last Wednesday night, & now I'm on pg 350. It'll be done before I go to sleep tonight. All those totes & cardboard boxes are absolutely full of my books. Kev & Tif were over at the house getting the last stuff in the attic, and Kev said "She is just like you...I found a box of books up there from when you were little, showed them to her, and she squealed like a little girl!" ...Hmmmm....need I remind him she IS a little girl!! Well, I guess she is 26, but, she'll always be Mommy's little girl! :-)
We took Talan for a walk in his stroller up to the office, and around the whole place. This place is enormous!! I'll go out on my scooter by myself someday, and I'll get lost & be having to call 911! We ran into a lot of people that remember Tif from when she worked in the office. So now I know some woman is a twin, whose sister lives on a different street out here. And the one I met is Debbie, her twin sister is Debra. I went to school with twin guys named Willie & William! I came up with a funny nickname for Talan today..we were in the sun, & his hair was so red, I just called him Sunkist...but I won't anymore, that was a one-time thing! But it was funny....but if I ever hear any kid ever call him that, I'll take that kid out!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!


SJ said...

Sunkist sunkist sunkist...
I am 7000 miles away come on give me your best shot.

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,

Great to see your lovely new appartment thanks for sharing.

Meg said...

I do that all the time, get distracted by books! I read From a Buick 8. That's a good one! I can't read the super scary Stephen King stuff so I stick to the not as scary stuff.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I love it! The apartment and "Sunkist" :) (It's better than "Stink Monster"- which I have been known to call my nephews a few times :) lol)
I'm so excited for you ♥
Today, or tonight, I need to update my blog about the honey prodution. I'm still processing the blog post in my head, and shipping more honey out today- and the shipping has to be done before the writing. sigh.
I'm thrilled you are in and unpacking. Just take your time :)

Have Myelin? said...

Sunkist is a sweeeeeeet name for a sweet redhead. I'm a redhead but I'm not sweet. (heh)

If I keep yelling Sunkist will you come visit? =p

Love seeing all your apartment pictures and the progress you're making!

Autumnforest said...

Happy nesting, Libby-Girl!

Libby said...

sj...hey! i'll get a predator drone for you!

herrad...i love this place!! & i love that you're getting some positive news too!

meg...yeah, i havent gotten to "It" again...but i totally loved that book & movie!! lol!

cora...i KNEW, you, of all people, would love sunkist!!

sherry...i've made absolutely NO progress yet on this place! you can come & help?? (please??) & i'm sure you're sweet to the people that deserve it!!, when are you starting your hug a blogger tour??

X. Dell said...

(1) Be careful with that "little girl" stuff. Forty years (hopefully more) from now, she'll decide on your next home. You want her to have a short memory.

(2) Hey, I offered to help. I'm not a fan of Stephen king, so your books would all be on the shelves by now.

Libby said...

x...i never thought about her deciding on my 'last' home!! ooooohhhh!!!

and, actually i hired a moving co in town to move it after we had it all packed up, and it was a good deal...they moved stuff from the house & from tif's to kev's apt, & to here, they did everything, & it was from 8 am to 2 was a good deal, well worth the $$!!

Ricardo said...

Not a terrible nickname for the kid. Won;t like it when he's older but, you know.....