Saturday, February 24, 2007


Okay...the picture on the right is our cat, Truman. We took that the first day we brought him home from the animal shelter...and how perfect is HE?? I still find it totally amazing that he was still there after a month!!
And the other picture is of the house I grew up in. This picture was taken in, like, 1922, or somewhere around there. The guy in the picture was President Harding's secretary, and he lived in that house at the time. President Harding's house was right behind this one, and I learned to ride a two-wheeled bike in the parking lot out back! (cuz when I was little, they had lots of tourists there all the time to go through the house). That's the house he made his famous 'front porch speech' from. (his house, not ours).
Okay...I'm hearing all about kids being abducted now. I am SO lucky that things weren't this bad when Tif was little...or if it was, I didn't hear about it! But I did worry about it, probly more than most parents did. I had an ex-husband to worry about...'nuff said. So, we were never apart, except when she was at her babysitter's, who I always trusted completely! And one of the first things she learned was that she was NEVER, EVER, to go with anyone but me, my mom, or dad...even my friends or relatives, unless they knew the 'password' I told her! And she still remembers that word to this day!! Also, I'm thinking about the fact that I really think people ought to make sure their kids NEVER let a kidnapper take you to a second place! You might have a chance to get away from them at the first place...your chances of getting away alive dramatically decrease if you're 'docile' enough to go to another place with them!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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