Friday, February 09, 2007

...and now, i have a freakin' cold, too!


Sonofabitch!!! HOW did I catch a freakin' cold???? Honestly, I have not been outside, or around's not like I was out at a grocery store, pushing a cart around that has germs all over the handle (I really don't think customers think twice about the cauldron of germs they put their hands in when they get a cart & happily wheel it into the store! Do you the uninitiated have a half a clue of what all I, as someone who once had to go out to the parking lot, and bring them back inside, saw happening before I touched the cart (with gloves, I might add!...which I usually threw away once I got inside!). Customers, and their kids, who were all dirty, grubby, either had runny noses, or in the warmer weather, were just plain ol' digging in their noses, which, may I add, isn't a pleasing sight to see when it's a person walking down the produce aisle, trying to find that one PERFECT TOMATO by picking up each one of the 50 lbs of carefully stacked tomatoes on the 'community' display that everybody gets to choose part of their family's dinner from. Mmmmmmmm... There are lessons to be learned here!! Hear me, and hear me well!

Shit...I did NOT mean to get off on a rant about that...all I'm saying is that...for heaven's sake, wash your hands! I'm just sayin'...

Okay...anyway...another lesson here...wash all the produce when you get it home, before you eat it!

So when I was in the bathroom this morning brushing my teeth, well, ya know when you've been blowing your nose nonstop for the last 24 hours, (I shit you not! I went through a whole entire box of Kleenex, then got down to where I had to use a whole roll of toilet paper!). Be that as it may (I know, TMI), I thoughtlessly started to brush my teeth (with my usual cinnamon gel toothpaste), my hand shook a little (as it is wont to do...), and my Crest spin brush pro slipped out of my mouth and up onto my upper lip...loaded liberally with cinnamon gel toothpaste, mind you.Ya know how when you blow your nose that much the skin tends to get a little bit...well...tender!! felt like I was sandpapering my skin, with an automatic sander, loaded with cinnamon!! Oh, Jesus Christ bananas, did that HURT! All right...that's the saga of the day. Like I said, we did get Vista late yesterday, so my next entry will be after Kevin puts that in, so wish us luck!!

BoUnCeS!! (and sniffs!) LibbY!

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