Tuesday, February 13, 2007

we have vista, & i love it!

I guess I'm just not into Valentine's Day this year. (sad...).
We're supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow today and tonight...hmmm....was talking to Joe, my friend, this morning & I told him that, being kinda excited and all...he said, yeah...you know how that goes, a guy says that, and...I broke in right there and said "Shut UP! Speak for yourself!" Then we were talking about how we used to both LOVE snow driving! When we'd go out and it was snowing, we used to fight about which one got to drive!! One night we went out while it was snowing like crazy, took Tif over to my mom's for the evening, then went & got a 12-pack of beer and just went driving around in town here, (it was late, so there was nobody out walking). That was SO much fun, we weren't driving like, wildly, reckless, speeding or anything, just talking and laughing our asses off at stupid shit!
Anyway...I promised to tell ya if I liked Vista, and I do! It's awesome, and I haven't even begun to get into it and play around with it yet!! I do know that the graphics are great! Kevin installed it Saturday night, and it wasn't a pain-in-the-ass for him to do it. Of course, he is a computer guru...not a geek, just a plain ol' guru! You know...one of those people you bow down in front of and say "I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy!"
So, my cold is pretty much gone by now, but...what do I do last night? I was looking around for something to snack on while I was reading one of my new ebay books...I go out in the kitchen, and see a pack of grape tomatoes (like cherry tomatoes, but better), grabbed it, and took it in the bedroom where I was reading & watching Glenn Beck, Opened the pack and just started munching them. I ate probably 4 or 5, then just sat there for a second, and realized, after all my preaching to y'all, I didn't wash them!! Holy Crap! I'll probably be dead by next Wednesday! Especially because this morning I went out to the refrigerator, and got the bag of white grapes out and did the same fuckin' thing!! Well...at least I'm okay on the banana I had last night...no washing required!
I remember a long time ago when I was produce mgr at the store up north, we had grapes in the ad, and in the middle of the week, it was all over the national news that all the Chilean grapes had to be pulled and recalled...ALL OF THEM! I was a small store, and had just gotten a delivery of about 1000 lbs of grapes for a display. So...over to the other side of the building with them to the dumpster! Except for the handful I put in a bag & gave the store manager (a new one...we didn't get along), with a note...'Love, Libby'
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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