Friday, February 16, 2007

17th anniversary...

Wow...I guess we're officially old now...17 years...I just gotta! We went out with Kevin's whole family last night to Applebee's...that was a lot of fun. We all go out for dinner together every year on Feb 15th, because his mom & dad's anniversary is Feb 15th, and ours is the 16th! Of course, WE did the whole thing in 2 days...rings, marriage license, everything! haha!
So, since we put Vista in, we haven't put the card program back in, cuz we might want to get a different one. But Kevin made me a gorgeous Valentine & a gorgeous anniversary card with the Microsoft PowerPoint program. I have NEVER EVEN OPENED that program, don't know jackshit about it!'s so totally easy, I can't even believe it! I dug around in the programs on here, found it, read through it, and had a card made for him in about 15 minutes!! This is SO cool!! Now I'm gonna get into this kind of stuff, now that I know how well it's explained in here.
Okay, so get mom came over the day before Valentine's Day...and she gave me a Valentine's present (which is pretty unheard of in my family...I never even got a mother's day card from her on my first one!). It's one of those Hallmark cats that wags its tail, and talks with a French accent. And...Bro came over the next day, and HE gave me a Valentine's Day card! And huge hugs, and I love you, Little're my favorite sister... :-D !
And Tif decided last night that she's going to try to get on 'Big Brother' this year! I printed out the application for her this's 16 pages long!! That's gonna be exciting for her/me...if she gets in! One of her friends got to a third interview a few years ago, and, damn, my daughter is SO much better than her!! (you know me...I'm so neutral...).
All right, gotta cookies calling...Oreo peanut butter filled 'double stuf'!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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