Saturday, March 07, 2009

...March..& daylight saving time starts tonight! WooHoo!

Yay!! It's March and not raining ( will be tomorrow...)
Tom called last night and we started talking about our regular subject...death, & cremation & all that stuff...(joking! really!) He still thinks the crematorium/pizza shop would be good. And I told him about the woman in New England a couple years ago that hung herself in a tree in her yard around Halloween, and people drove past a lot & thought she was a decoration, for days! Brilliant! I said that when I was still driving, I used to want to go up to Macinaw Island and drive off the bridge...then he asked what car I had planned to do this in...I said my Geo Metro. And he laughed his ASS off! Said he could just see me now...the car didn't have the weight to sink...I'd just be floating down the lake, and all, & the people that stopped would all be laughing & waving and such. Grrrrrr!!~ I guess I'd just pull out my trusty book I always had under my front seat, and a cigarrette, &...well, nothing! That would be just my luck, decide to off myself, and then I'd do that wrong too! Don't even worry about it, though. There's too many people that it would just be a relief for if I did that, so THAT ain't gonna happen...
Has anybody else been following the Caylee Anthony murder trial as close as I am? Probably not. Anyway...Caylee's mom, Casey, is charged with her murder...Caylee was 2 yrs old. And Casey just says the father is dead, he died in a car accident when she was pregnant. I beg to differ...nobody's even mentioned it, but, honestly, I think her brother, Lee, is probably Caylee's father. Just from the way he acts about Casey & everything, he just looks like that's what's up...I don't know, it's just my theory...
Anyway, I'm outta here!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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