Monday, March 16, 2009

almost st patrick's day! (green beer, anyone?)

Okay, I did more bitching about my hair! Now I'll be able to go to sleep at night without having to try to push my hair off my face all the time! And, best of all, this cut with my hair doean't need blow-dried or anything...all it'll need is some hair gel and brushed, & go! Tif highlighted it last week & I thought about having her cut it...we talked
about it, but I said no...then I realized I just had too f*n' much hair to deal with so...
The girl that gave me this cut was my best friend in 3rd grade! We were inseparable in grade school. She was even allowed to go to Florida with me & Mom & Dad for 2 wks in the summer after 3rd grade (or the year before, not sure!). We talked about my

house growing up, because she always loved it! And she said that she already told her husband that if that house was ever for sale, they were buying it! And we talked about our favorite tv shows when we were kids...and she remembered that I was a HUGE Arnold Horshack fan! Not like 'had a crush on', or anything....he just had my sense of humor! No, I was like every girl in my grade...John Travolta was THE crush!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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