Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is the new mailbox Bro put up for me! The other one was all the way to the left of this picture...not there anymore, but it was okay when I was still "mobile".

It's kinda cold out today, and drizzly, and my butt is staying inside where it's warm! And I just checked the weather for the rest of the week, and it's gonna be cloudy and rainy til Monday! Sucks, sucks, sucks!!

Well, I have a new favorite afternoon tv show..Glenn Beck...he's not a conservative or liberal, he's a libertarian...he makes a lot of sense...he's like me, didn't like Bush, doesn't like what he sees now...equal opportunity hater...

I was up late last night (surprise, surprise...) and watching an old 'The Jefferson's'. I loved that show too, especially the maid, Florence! She said the shit that nobody dared to! Anyway, George was getting on a bowling league, and that just brought back total memories for me! Yeah, I bowled a lot starting when I got on a Saturday moning league when I was 12. And I had a lot of fun with it! Mom & G were in one on Friday nights forever. I remember Mom wanted to join, and Dad didn't, so G was right there, of course. And, since he never had a date or anything...well....'nuff said! After a few years, I remember, they needed someone else on their team, or their league, or something, and I wanted to join, so I remember, I had to sign something saying I wasn't going to be in high school sports anymore. I guess it was something to do with the fact that I'd get money back at the end of the year or something...I didn't care, cuz I was junior in high school anyway, and wasn't on anything in school (just I remember my average starting on it was 131, but by the time I had Tif and quit, it was 168! Yeah, I was good. I bowled a 269 once (just once!). I had Tif on a Sunday, and still bowled the next Friday night. But, I didn't keep up with it...too bad. My friend in Findlay (Chester) went bowling with me once on a Saturday night when we had nothing to do! She was good too, and she was a lot bigger than me...(intimidating?).

I'm just thinking about random words & phrases I've heard in the last couple days. Like "occasional table" that a table that's there most of the time, but 'occasionally', when you're not watching it closely, it sneaks off?

Or when someone says "I want to play with reckless abandon." I know him? Does he do drugs or anything? Where does he live? Do I know his family?

The right to bear arms...don't you just get a picture in your head of a person with great big grizzly bear arms?

Or maybe I'm just a goof...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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