Saturday, March 28, 2009

nothing in particular today, either...

Now THIS would be funny!! Truman's gotten under the sinks in both the bathroom & the kitchen, but, luckily, I was always watching!

And, I think this looks just like a guy who tried to pick me up at a bar in Toledo. He also used that oh-so-tactful line "I'd drink your bathwater"...oh pleease...I wouldn't even drink my bathwater. And that should make me want to get my mouth anywhere close to HIS?

...and I'm taking this as a horrible warning from Truman's astral twin!

...also, one more phrase..."It gave me pause"...That just makes me think of a person standing in front of you, and their hands turning into cat paws or something...
X-Dell was at his parents' house in Cincy this week, and was going to come on up here, but he ended up having to fly home today, so we'll catch up another time this least I talked to him and heard him on the phone, so now I know he's a real person! Not just "X-Dell:The Man, The Myth, The Legend!" (or the legume?).
I'm sitting here watching "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery Channel, I love this show! He's riding around with the guy from 'The Tydee-Whitee Company', that picks up bags of dirty diapers weekly at people's houses, and delivers clean ones, then they showed them taking the dirty ones back to the company, and they were washing them & drying them...and folding them...oh Lord! I'm sure there are worse jobs...but...I can't think of many right now...
I got a Facebook message last night, and it was from my friend, Chester! That was neat...I'm the second Libby on her friends list...she has a sister Libby, too. One of the women that works at Haley's hair salon told me "My niece is named Libby, too!"...and I expressed my sympathies to her...but she said she likes it! Obviously, these people didn't grow up at the height of the "Libby, Libby, Libby on the label" commercials! Sheesh! When my Mom told her sister what she was going to name me, my aunt said, "What are you going to name the next one? Stokely Van Camp?" lolololol! I love my aunt! But it really is a family was my mom's grandma, who, I guess was a really neat lady, and my mom loved her very much.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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