Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rabbit, rabbit!!

Happy March!! Thank God, the snow went a lot further south and east than here! Sorry for all who got it, though!
The top picture on here, the open door is my room when I was a teenager, the one to the left goes up to the attic, the one on the right is the linen closet.
Then this one here is our front door with the mail slot beside that cool as hell, or what?
I've been watching a cool show on's called High School Reunion, and it has a class from 1988 having a 2-week reunion at a big house with a pool & everything in hawaii. I'm looking forward to their new serial starting April 15 (at 10 pm, in case you were wondering!) called "The Cougar"! Of course, it's like the bachelorette, only the woman is about 40, & all the guys are in their 20's! Ricardo, you really oughtta try to find out how to get on it!! That would be a good acting debut for you! 'course, I don't know how much 'acting' you'd do...
OMG!! The movie "Desperation" is on the Scifi channel right now, I saw it a long time ago, but I have the book, & it's really good too. And, yes, I watch tv a lot when the weather is this shitty out!! But I always am reading during commercials...I just finished the book about body language last night. That was really good! Learned a whole lot!
I stayed up last night listening to another infomercial for 'rock ballads'. Like "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"...says a lot. Poison had deep songs for such shallow minds, didn't they?
Mouse called the other day. Nothin' much is going on up there...her boyfriend got laid off last week, that totally sucks. She still has her job, but it's only part-time, at a nursing home. I haven't heard of too many full-time jobs around anywhere, anyway!
Joe called tonight, he's got a job teaching at a charter school, & that seems to be going good! I'm glad, and I'm happy that he likes it! And no wonder I can never get ahold of him...the job is an hour and a half drive south, so he goes to bed at like 7:30 or 8 at night, and doesn't get home til about 6!
In other words...this economy sucks a big girl's butt!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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