Thursday, February 11, 2010

740th post...

Wow, that's a whole helluva lot more than I knew!!

I feel lots better now...not "normal", but a whole helluva lot stronger...I can stand up from sitting without having to pull myself up by using the closest desk or counter, or table, or whatever! & my hands are strong again, I can cut my own nails again, for heaven's sake! You have no idea how crippled I felt two weeks ago...I can even straighten out my little finger on my right hand again, the one that my neuro thought I had nerve damage in my elbow! And...I have "goiter news" now! I went to the newest doctor in town, an endocrinologist, and she's really nice...she was with me talking for about 45 minutes and then she felt my throat, and she actually said she could feel the thing (I sure can't, & thank God I can't see it, either!) But, at that appt, she looked over the x-rays that I had with the radioactive stuff in me, and said it didn't look bad, not cancerous or anything, but give her some time to go over them in detail, & she'd get back to me to let me know if I needed a needle biopsy...well, I got a letter in the mail from her assistant today (she's super-nice, too!) that said she found nothing to worry about, just get back to her for a checkup on it in about 4 to 6 weeks! Wahh-hoo! I'm just so damn lucky, all the people I meet are always really nice, and I always have to wonder why everybody says people are awful...huh.
Even my dissolution lawyer...I've been told by Kevin 1, and another good friend from 9th grade that they each HATE him! Go figure...I like him...we get along good, he even goes to the back alley behind his office with me when I leave, so he can talk to me & have a cigarette. He's funny....I asked him once, "does the city realize how much more work you could do if you had an ashtray in youur office??" lol!
No, I haven't got together with Kevin 1 again yet...we both know that we will see each other soon, but both of us have shit-tons of stuff going on...he's been working 7 days a week for awhile, & he has an 8-yr old daughter who lives with him & his wife (that's ok...she knows all about me & he even had a girlfriend who lived with them for a few years...long story...he's lead guitar in a local rock band, you expect that, right? I always aspired to be a groupie, anyway!). This is the best kind of guy to get involved with, though...he won't want any more than I you know what I mean? My goal is to NEVER get seriously involved with anyone again, & the only safe way to do that is be with someone else that wants that just as little as you do!
My friend from 9th grade, she hooked back up with me on FB...I have fun on there, really. But she was here Friday for a few hours, we haven't really been hanging around together for a few years, the last thing we did was go to a Def Leppard concert in Columbus in 1995...I remember telling her "they looked better in the 80's"...she looked at me, & said "didn't we all??" bwahahaha!! Dammit!! I didn't NEED to be reminded of that! She & her first husband hung out with me & my first husband, when I was pregnant with Tif! Now we're both single...she's a prison guard...Someday I'll ghostwrite some of HER stories too!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!


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