Thursday, March 04, 2010

OMG!! I see sun!!

...cuz it's finally sunny!!

I had to ask the guy across the street to come over & shovel off my ramp out back...hopefully for the last time this year!!
I had to just get a new template, because my personal hot programmer suggested that would be the best way to take care of it...soooo...
:-) sj!
I need to hurry, I have an appointment to meet a surgeon, for God's sake! Because my endocrinologist called last Monday morning (her, not her assistant) & said that my needle biopsy came back 'inconclusive'. I said, that means you don't know anything? And she said no...but I recommend surgery. Oh, holy crap, of course you would! Isn't that my luck in the last few years?? Grrrrrrrrrrrr!! And, of course...there's always that little fact about insurance...but...Kevin mentioned cobra (he's not getting it)...and I called the VZ benefits, and I can get it for myself, so I am, and probably at a reduced rate cuz my only income is SS disability! Yeah, it's way expensive, but surgery and the hospital stay would be a whole helluva lot more! So, I may write again later after I find out what he says...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!


Cathy said...

Hi libby,
Keep us posted on what the Dr. says. Oh by the way in reference to your email yesterday I had my neck slit when I had neck surgery. I have a pretty scar I refer to as a kiss from god.

Christine said...

Good think about the cobra. Being uninsured can be a nightmare. I hope it all goes well with happy news at the end. :-)