Thursday, March 31, 2011

neat little things... ...Ya know, this is funny as hell to me now...but if I'da been that woman at that moment...holy shit!! BTW, that picture was in the paper yesterday afternoon...that's why I don't plan to wear shorts til June... Well, my BFF, Kim, damn near gave me a heart attack last night at 6, when she showed up with some dinner for me...she has her own key to my apartment, and I was taking a nap on the couch, & didn't even know she was here. She had been here for about 15 minutes, & I woke up because Truman was licking my I was sitting there petting him and talking to him, yeah, baby talk...SO WHAT??? lol! All of a sudden, Kim says, "Bout time! If I'dve had to pee at all, well, all I can say is thank God I didn't!! She was over snugged down in a corner of another couch that doesn't sit directly across from me! LOL! When I sat up & looked at her, she asked "Did you think I was the angel of death??" But I forgave her for that, since she brought me a big box of taco supremes from Taco Bell tonight!

I'm working on trying to go to a good nursing home here in town for a month or so for what my neuro describes as "intense physical therapy". So I'm getting PT at home, & my dr & PT home person both recommended it to my insurance co. Anthem said they needed a 2nd home health PT evaluation to recomend it! So I have another therapist here giving me home PT 3 times a week for another month!

My first boyfriend (from 31 yrs ago) that still lives in town...with his wife & 9 yr old daughter...emailed to ask how everything's going last week. I told him what's up & about maybe going to the nursing home for extra PT, & my dr wants me to go there & use their stuff. Then Kevin says (yes, he's a Kevin too!) that he & his wife had talked about it, & if it was just that my living alone made my dr unhappy, he & his wife wanted me to move in with them while I got PT at home. Damn! I love that guy! & his wife! I'm so glad they found each other! She's so much more perfect for him than I would be!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!


Have Myelin? said...

Hey Libby, I am recovering (or still have the tail end of) from the flu and geeeeez, I am so weak! I would love to go to inpatient Rehab...does Medicaid pay for this kind of thing?

Why am I asking you instead of my doctor? Wait, maybe it's because I don't have one. I have a PA but... heh.

I think PT rocks!

X. Dell said...

Is that inpatient rehab, or impatient rehab?

We got the snow down here too. It's not getting much warmer much faster either. Was thinking about the going to the Reds game tomorrow, but IDK.

So, are you thinking about getting back at Kim for scaring the @#R! out of you? If you're stuck on ideas, let me know.

Libby said...

xdell--'Is that inpatient rehab, or impatient rehab?'
....hahahaha! probly both, after a few days!

sherry--it pretty much seems to be an unqualified no about medicaid,& i think that sucks so bad...but i'm still able to get cobra insurance from kev's job, & believe me, i'm doing whatever i need for my health before i lose it in Sept...after that,i'll be right there, too, only on ohio's medicaid!

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and commenting on my story. As I was reading about you and Kevin and his wife, and you exploring the option of going to a nursing home, I could relate a bit about my story...

Libby, hope you can find the best option for your rehab. Intensive rehab is great.


Anonymous said...

Glad you have people in your life, your real life, that can do stuff like that for you! Hugs!

Have Myelin? said...

Oh Libby, I'm so sorry you're going to be on Medicaid but now we can have a whining party in September... =(

Yes take full advantage of COBRA while you can!

I love that, impatient

TLP said...

Hi Libby.
I hope you get what you want on the rehab. But Boy! What a great guy (and his great wife) to offer you his home.

I looked up "secondary progressive," and all I can say is damnitall!

Libby said...

tlp--i agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with your assessment of the dreaded words "secondary progressive"...'damnitall' seems to be it in a nutshell!! very perceptive of you! :-D
yeah, that kevin was my first boyfriend from when i was 15...we broke up after a few months, but but stayed in touch (wink, wink~!) for years, but he's been married 3 tms, & i never met this wife!