Thursday, November 03, 2011

Laughing is mandatory

Joey Sink-Oiler


Yes, I totally admit it, I'm a freak for cats, okay??
I watched my normal Monday night shows last night...I'm pretty much a creature of habit, now that I'm OLD~!


            I'm starting to realize how exactly much I'm really part of Marion, Ohio oldest brother designed & named the streets in of which is Libby Lane...funny story here...I told my aide that today, she lives on that street...there's another street there called Easy St...she said, 'Oh, so they're both named after you, huh?' I toldja...she's either gonna keep me young, or she'll make me old...he also designed the streets on the other side of town, which are all named after European castles...Fairpark streets are mostly named after islands, like Barbados, Nassau, etc...
     And, my niece, Cara, is the guidance counselor at, & she's also started her own business in town, 

          ...having been a guidance counselor, she knows 

firsthand, exactly what a PITA college apps can be!! She 

was the guidance counselor in Upper Sandusky for a few 

years...which, for the uninitiated among you...Upper

Sandusky is about, ohhh, say, 75 miles SOUTH of

Sandusky...confused yet? 

             Okay, I'm tired...g'nite all!