Saturday, December 05, 2009

even older stuff...

Does everyone else still remember the first person you ever fell totally in love with? I'm talking about 14 or 15 years old, forEVER ago, in other words! I still remember the first night I met him. July 4, 1979. Kim & I had gone to the fireworks across town with Mom & Dad, and when they were over, we begged them to just let us walk home, we'd be home by midnight, a lot of our friends were there, and we just wanted to hang out there with them for awhile, please, please, please?? So, after using copious amounts of charm (& begging!), they said ok, just be careful (I think that's mandatory for parents to say that, isn't it? If they didn't, you'd think they didn't love you, right?). So we went skipping off to the fairgrounds and just walked around there for awhile (no, we weren't meeting up with our friends, we wanted to meet new ones, I guess...). Anyway, after we'd done that for awhile, & ate all the junk food (fair food...doesn't get any better than that!) we could find, we figured we should start back to my house. On the way through the park by the fairgrounds, these 3 guys were walking in front of us, & of course, we were debating about the guy with the cute butt & brown hair. But know just how quiet 2 14 year old girls are, right? (*said facetiously*). They turned around for something, probably to see who was talking about them, and we all started walking & talking together. We all ended up in a schoolyard about a half mile away, and the guy with the cute butt told us that he lived across the street (with his mom & dad, of course...he was only 16). So Kim & I were just goofing around, playing on the swings & stuff. One of the guys, Steve, got a big empty metal trashbarrel from somewhere, and since he'd been throwing firecrackers around all night, he yelled, "Hey, c'mere!!" and we all did.So we're all standing around watching, and he lit a firecracker and threw it in.We're all waiting for the big "echoey" boom that we expected, but nothing happened. Steve said "Shit, it must've gone out!" and stuck his head down inside to look..."Ka-Boom!!!" Wow...must've been loud down there...*snicker*, more like huge bellylaughs all around!

So, they walked us the rest of the way back to my house (maybe another half mile, and the guy with the cute butt walked me behind a big scary building that was used for a haunted place on Halloween, and we kissed...that was my first 'real' kiss from a guy I totally wanted to kiss! And when we walked around the building again, Kim yelled, "Libby, you look like you just got f*****d!" Oh, tasteful was THAT?? I was 14, for God's sake!

Anyway...that's what started it all. Started me on my path looking for a "bad boy"...anyway, he found this blog by googling me a few weeks ago, & we've emailed & im'd since. He's still in town too, so I'm sure we'll see each other...we did see each other off & on around 25 years ago.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!