Thursday, April 28, 2011

funny stuff now in my life...yes, seek & you WILL find it!! really!

...yes, I'm an unofficial member of the 'Center For The Easily Amused'! But I've worked harder than most people would ever understand, to join it...go me!! lol!
Marci called me from Fostoria last night, & wow, it was so neat to talk to her~! She was the girl that got hired at the store up there a few months after I transferred there...we pretty much circled each other like cats for a while, it was kinda like "dislike on first sight"...cuz I was about 22...she was a bouncy cheerleader just out of high school..& couldn't start until after the Whitesnake/Great White concert she had tickets for...OMG, you talk about being jealous...! We both went separately to the store manager (who was more of a friend/drinking buddy/etc to everyone there than a boss...he was REALLY HOT...but married...) I referred to the manager that he was lured in to hire her cuz she was a little teenybopper...Marci told him I was a skinny blond bitch...promising start for two coworkers, huh? Geez, now that I think about it, the manager was really in an awful position, wasnt he? But Marci & I handled it like the adults we were...After work one day I asked her to go to the bar for a beer with me...And we've been great friends ever since!! Remember, this was mid-80's...and Tif was 2, Marci had a daughter years later, in the 90's! And she's done parenthood like me...that's her only kid~!! And I'm facebook friends with both of 'em...her daughter's in college for law enforcement, & had a video posted of her getting 'tazed' on her page... OMG, that was so funny! It was at the police station, for school!! So, in the conversation last night, I kinda had trouble talking clearly (ms symptom..tripping over the words, ya know? Well,no, most of you don't, but X does, he's heard me do that, & any friends with ms do...)...anyway, I was trying to say a word, & couldnt translate it from my brain to my I slipped into "cuss like a sailor mode", & said shit! all of a sudden, Marce cracked up, & said "you had NO problem with that word!" She is a hoot!!
Okay, I hafta anyone but me going to watch the royal wedding? Coverage starts at 4 am...I'm watching it in tribute to my Mom...she got up at 4 am in July 1981 to watch Charles & Diana's wedding, & I made fun of her for it, but this one is going to be neat...because it's not a couple that are marrying for any reason but the fact that they are in love! Mom always loved London, the 2 times I went with Mom & Dad, we went to Selfridge's department store a LOT! Hey, wouldnt it be neat if Kate's sister, Pippa & Prince Harry fell in love & got married someday? Oh, I really AM sounding old!
Okay, my cheeseburgur & candybars are calling! I had an iv of steroids today, Dr prescribed them one day of 1000mg a month, saying it was called the pulse system.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!...
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Anonymous said...

I love stories of enemies turned friends!

SJ said...

harharhar @ "Skinny blond bitch". Were those her actual words?

Libby said...

you betcha, sj! i've never let her live it down, either!!

TLP said...

Well, if you get to be both skinny and blond, you have to expect the jealous girls to mock you.

Libby said...

....tlp, so you're saying in a way, that i DESERVED it?? lol!! that's okay, i love you too... :-)

Have Myelin? said...

Well I didn't get up to watch the wedding but I am devouring all the news. Does that count?

I loved her dress (ooooh, soo simple and elegant and no snobby jewelry!) and all the sly smiles between the two of them. Too bad I can't lipread british accents or I would have had a field day.

The hats! OMG! One of Fergie's daughters I swear had an octupus on her head!