Friday, May 27, 2011

trial...(Casey Anthony's, not mine!)

Well, I got steroids for the month today...Kev's mom & dad took me out to the hospital, they always take me to them, I love them, they are the kind of in-laws that I wish so bad that Tif would have...and, you know what? Nothing ever got done with my insurance company approving rehab at the nursing window of willingness has slammed shut...I tried lots, you all know that. So, I'm applying for Medicaid (here I go, Sherry..), cuz I really can't afford to pay $700/month for, be ready to throw me a lifejacket or something! Kev gave me a ride to see my pcp Tues, & I told him I'm going on Medicaid & I'm actually a little stressed about it..."Will you still be my dr? (insert sad eyes here)" He said 'why?' i said people are always talking about drs not wanting to see medicaid patients...He just looked at me & said, 'Libby, you're stuck with me & Dr P (neurologist) forever'...phew...he is a nice guy. As I was going out, he told me & two of his nurses that if I need any help getting anything, let them know....awwww...I have to call there tomorrow & ask him to prescribe home physical therapy for 3 days a week for at least a month...
My friend J is taking me grocery shopping next week...that's gonna be fun. She's at the Bob Seger concert in C'bus...she's turned into the biggest concert freak lately, she was just at Bon Jovi a couple wks ago. I love it...she's always got good pictures!
So last night I read on my nieces' FB's that Bro & my nephew were out on their dirtbikes storm you see why we always got along so well, that's the kind of shit that I would've done...he's 57, I just realized that. That makes me happy for him~! ...that video is one of the funniest I've seen!
My aide that's here for like an hour a day 5 times a week is nice...I'm probably gonna get her in trouble if she ever takes any of my hints & tries them....she was telling me that she & her husband were drinking last weekend, and they were wrestling [I covered my ears & said "TMI!!"]...and I said she should get him some night when they'd been drinking after he fell asleep, I said if she ever got totally mad (she wont, they are great together, & still 23-ish!), I told her to shave an eyebrow..not both...just make him a unabrow...& if she was really mad, get a big black marker & draw a mustache on him...& get pictures!!! That's not horrible...actually when they were having this wrestling match, he pinned her & licked her whole face!! THAT is way worse! They have a kitten about 2 months old, & it's gotten lost in their apartment a few times once was when their 3yr old put her in a drawer...:-/ Then last week she jumped in the refrigerator, & was asleep in a shelf when they opened it next time!
Okay, I think I oughtta go try to get some sleep...g'nite!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your doctors will remain the same so you have that one constant to count on.
Enjoy your weekend!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

It is nice to keep the same Docs! Have a nice weekend!

Have Myelin? said...

here's a plus about Medicaid! Turns out you can hire just about anyone to be your personal care attendant if they are willing to do the training. my case they could not find anyone to do the "work" so they called Alex and asked him if he wanted the job. LMAO! He gets paid 10 hours a week to do the chores. Hehe...he is paid to be my boyfriend.

So Libby, if you have a buddy or family member you are more comfortable with you might consider that option if it's allowed in your state. =)

Have a good weekend.

X. Dell said...

(1) Maybe the kitten's in a cage.

(2) For someone who's fantasized about being a spy, there's no such thing as TMI.

(3) Now that you know you'll have the same doctor, the switch to Medicaid might be easier. I wish you success with that.

(4) I watched that video wondering when your nephew would try to fake out the otter. It surprised me to see that the otter faked him out first.

Libby said...

x-lolololol!! you know what? the kitten (cheyenne!) would probably give anything to be in a cage sometimes...because, not only does she have the 3yr old boy, she also has the husband's other two kids, too on the weekends...

2. you know, i only said tmi cuz i wanted to be polite, ya know?? lol!

3. yeah, you're right, the fact that i know my dr's will still be my drs, it makes it a little easier, but, i never wanted to have to be 'taken care of', you know that...i'm supposed to be a leader, walking around, delegating (cuz i learned how to do that when i worked in a store!)

4. the little boy with the otter wasnt any relation to me, it was just a video i got off of love that site!!

X. Dell said...

I stand corrected on point 4.