Sunday, July 03, 2011

closing arguments, 9:00 am Sunday July 3, 2011

The more I see the video of Casey playing with Caylee on the floor, I'm more sure of her guilt than ever. Because the major trait of sociopathy is true feelings that other people don't really exist, they treat everyone as if they're things there for their enjoyment, and if they get in the way of THIS PERSON'S life, they're rarely ever close again.
The most obvious example would be Casey being seen as a good mom, playing with Caylee; however, Casey thinks of Caylee as a stuffed animal that she can take out & parade around, to keep the image going, but Casey's life is & always has been about what Casey wants.
I've heard a lot of people saying there's nothing but circumstantial evidence here...hmmmm...Scott Peterson has been on death row for how many years because he got the dp for killing his pregnant wife because of circumstantial evidence. I think Casey will get convicted, but not of murder 1, she'll get murder 2, life in prison. Honestly, the only reason I don't want her to get the death penalty is that her family sure as hell doesn't deserve that shit!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

It will be a jury decision now...hope they do the right thing.

Karen said...

I am watching the closing now. I know she is guilty as sin, but as a lawyer, I am very impressed with the defense attorney's manner in front of the jury. I think he is much more impressive than the prosecutor was in the closing. But any juror with half a brain will find her guilty.

Libby said...

kim, i have a lot of faith in the jurors...when you're on a jury, even for something small, you honestly take it VERY seriously!

karen, thanks for giving an opinion on were the one person i wanted an opinion from...actually, because you know what's going on in there, & you know what the defense & prosecutor are going through!

X. Dell said...

I find Karen's choice of words very interesting.

I really have no opinion about Anthony's innocence or guilt because I haven't followed the trial. Watching the public reaction to it has provided a measure of entertainment, however.

Libby said...

x,i know you're not interested...but i'm happy all the rest of us are...i'm pretty sure a lot of us arent into it for the entertainment value, myself, i think a lot of it speaks to humanity, and how so many of us "real people" wish we could have done something. Now that it's too late for Caylee, i hope that people will be able to recognize a situation like this if it happens in their own area.