Saturday, October 08, 2011

Still here...

All right, this is a taste of "homegrown Ohio boy", isn't he??? A friend of mine from grade school (3rd grade or so)...we lost touch when she & her family moved to Tucson then, but she connected with me on FB this year! That is really neat, & she said this pic reminds her & her little brother of Ohio! So much has happened lately, that shows why I could think this city is the 'center of the universe'!
     I'm still trying to get used to the medicine change...the 20 mg pred a day is still great, I'm just trying to get used to having baclofen available, I take maybe 1 around noon...& it just knocks me out within a couple hours! Yup...just takes fiddling with it...Sucks, but you do what you have to...
          Have any of you heard some of the neat commercials lately? One that caught my attention is United Health Care's ad (that right there tells you how well it works, that I even remembered WHO it was for!)...There's an older guy riding his motorcycle talking about how they cross-referenced 2 of his rx's & caught a bad side effect if the 2 were taken together...And I totally love the tagline..."I plan to leave this world exhausted!!" Yeah, me too...I just had no clue how little of me would be left, fighting this ms shit!
         Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya about my neighbor...she's kinda like a 'mom' to me...checks to see if I'm doing ok, every so often she shows up with dinner for me, yesterday it was beef & noodles, with mashed potatoes & a little cup of fruit! Holy hell, who needs a nursing home? lol! I just have great neighbors, etc...
              I've been to the er here twice this week, believe that crap? First was last aide Tiffany noticed my ankle was swollen & bruised...she asked what happened, but, you gotta figure what's comin..."Tiffany...I live in a wheelchair...maybe I twisted it when I was jogging?" ;-/ So she called the nurse I see here a couple times a week, that nurse sd to call 911 & go to the er. So, I called 911, MY girl (chief.......been her nickname since she was 5! Anyway, the er was deserted...Of course OSU was playing...nobody leaves their tv THEN!! I was there 5 hours, got xrayed & doppleeed for blood clots...nothin!!               BoUnCeS!!              LibbY


X. Dell said...

LMAO at the Tiff comment.

She's right, you know. Maybe it's time to lay off the jogging for awhile.

How little of you would be left? I dunno. But when you do go, you'll leave a really big hole, my friend.

Libby said...

aww, x, you say the nicest things!~ thanks!

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Oh my goodness, Libby, sounds like you had a "busy" week, glad it was negative for blood clots.

I'm glad you have such a sweet you said, with neighbors like that, who needs a nursing home?

(((( hugs )))))