Thursday, October 27, 2011

This is a buncha crap!

          All right...I've just about had it! I had my barium swallow test the other day & my neuro got the report immediately, so her assistant called me yesterday, &they made a consult appt with the hot surgeon again...but, this time she wanted me to get a feeding tube, cuz I aspirated everything! I explained that I'd had sessions with a speech therapist, & had already been given things to do to avoid that, like looking down when I swallow, take small bites, use that stuff you get at the drugstore that thickens stuff...I will NOT give up my cold can of Coke first thing in the morning!! Aw, geez! Just as all the shit in my life starts going better...I have my aide here 5 or 6 days a week, (she's almost my "comic relief"! ), I have PT 3 days a week, a nurse comes over 3 days a week to ck my vitals & my lungs are always clear my oxygen is always 98%, temp is always normal, bp is always 110/70...WTF else can I do??? Since I've been on prednisone for a month, I'm actually HUNGRY again, aide goes to the store for me a couple times a week, & gets me what ever sounds good...y'know, purple pickled eggs, chicken salad for sandwiches...etc. oh, on whole wheat bread~~! OMG...I actually stood on the scale, with help with my balance, & since I've been on pred for a month, I've gone from 85 lbs to...88 or 90! So, I won't get a f"*ng feeding tube, no thank you! But, I will go to my hot dr's for a consult...just to look at him again, ya know...
       So I sent my aide in the spare room the other day to find my leg brace...I hear "I found  you another present"  My  halloween slippers! & she found my puppet! Life's good...


      BoUnCeS!!              LibbY!   


Herrad said...

hi libby,
good post you don't need a feeding tube, you need to keep doing what you are doing.
thinking of you.
have a pleasant day.

Mary said...

I'm glad to hear that you've been doing good. And I'm glad you posted the link on FB. I forget to go to blogs now - as you can probably tell from my own. LOL

Have Myelin? said...

Oh I remember the stuff that thickens stuff! You have to be careful with it (I mean...follow directions or you'll end up with a brick, HA!) because it sure works. I once put too much in my dad's tea and it was harder than the floor lmao!

Glad to told me about looking down when swallowing, I too have difficulties.

Geez, a feeding tube without trying these little things you doing? BTW your pictures are so funny....LOL!

You go Libby!

Unknown said...

I actually understand everything you are aying, but i can swallow just that for no good reason everything stops and her it comes! Out the nose...yuck, I can not give you any suggestion cause no one really can figure out why for me either...
Best of luck ause i know you will pull through!

Libby said...

aw, thanks all!! it's great to find all the support out in the world..combined with all the support 'irl', you'll see me here for longer than you ever dreamed...(or feared!)

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Oh I hope you can gain weight...the feeding tube sounds horrible

Libby said...

@kim- i will NOT get a feeding tube, until absolutely nothing else works! obviously, they havent met my 'determination'...or, well, i can honestly call it stubborn-ness...bullheadedness...etc...

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

A feeding tube??? That was too quick of decision. I know, Doctors want to cover their backs 'cause if you aspirate no one can say they didn't advise you or warn you.

I'd suggest that you be extra careful with what you eat, follow all the safety precautions, try to drink safer beverages such as carbonated sodas, shakes, chocolate milk, etc.

Try to chop up all your meats, etc. Eat slow, take extra time.

I love the last picture...I am borrowing it for a friend of mine who is going through a tough time.

Happy Halloween!!!


Libby said...

...@sherry...(I mean...follow directions or you'll end up with a brick, HA!), somehow, it'd be "constipating"? lol!

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