Friday, January 28, 2005

Iraq elections

Iraq is finally going to have their first free & fair elections in decades this Sunday, January 30, 2005! This is such a great thing! I just heard a sound bite on tv of Ted Kennedy, spouting his infinite wisdom...about how this invasion of Iraq was a bad idea, and we should get our troops home now! Do you hate this guy as much as I do? Like I always say, there's nothing looser than a Massachusetts politician than a, well....a 9th grade cheerleader, for God's sake!
I'm sorry to have to say, but I think the Iraqis voting numbers are going to put the US to shame! I bet they'll get a 65 - 70 % turnout! And we sit here and bitch about laws, politicians, etc, and don't have anybody threatening us with snipers outside the polling places! We just don't take an hour or so out of our oh-so-busy lives to go out and take care of our responsibilities!


MrLefty said...

"I bet they'll get a 65 - 70 % turnout!"

How much?

Dan B said...

What was the final turnout anyway? I think it was pretty good :) disappointing for a lot of leftists.

Keep up the good work Libby.