Monday, January 17, 2005

thinking....(yeah, me!)

Today I'm wondering about lots of things, such as...WHY in the world do all the 'doomsayers' think elections will never work in Iraq? And, hell no, they're not going to be 'perfect' this first time, anyone would be an asshole if they even assumed that! How many tries did it take us, as Americans, to get it right here?? Allow me to point this out...Afghanistan had their first election October 9, 2004, their first in about 5,000 years, and it actually went better than expected. And the Palestinians had a free(r) election this year. The Ukraine had a free(r) election last year. And, dare I point out, they ALL took a lot less time to figure out who won than the USA in 2000!! That's awful. We're supposed to be the people who set an example for the new democracies all over the world. So maybe this is a good example of 'kids being power-hungry'. Oh, puh-leez. Haven't we set the wrong examples for long enough?

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MrLefty said...

How many tries did it take you to get it right?

You still haven't!

You've got a permanent two party system - no party other than the Repubs or Dems can ever win. Less than 50% of your population votes.

The US system is NOT the best system of democracy in the world - in fact it barely qualifies for the word "democratic".