Saturday, January 22, 2005


What the hell are these people thinking?? He's a CARTOON, for heaven's sake!! Dr James Dobson, I used to respect you, when you were doing the segments for 'Focus On The Family' on the AM talk radio I listened to coming home from work. Now I'm thinking that you & your 'followers' need some serious mental help, with medication!! I can just hear you now..."Drink the grape'll make you homophobic! And that's good..."


mis_nomer said...

Hiya, know what you mean. But in Dobson's favour, he didn't actually say Spongebob was gay. But he did say that the agenda of the organization promoting the diversity video had a pro-homosexuality agenda. The media picked up the spongebob bit. You can read his his newsletter here.

Libby said...

Ms_nomer...hi, thanks for the link. I read the article...and I do agree that little kids are told lots more than they need to know. Were we ever asked whether we knew anybody who had "2 mommies, or 2 daddies"? Bullshit!! If I still had a little girl (she's 21 now!), I'd kick the teacher's ass if I found out about it!