Sunday, March 13, 2005

more thoughts...

Hey, wow, I'm finally back!! I've got LOTS of stuff to bitch about, so, get a Coke and get comfortable!! I did...
First bitch is (of course) the stupid weather!! Yeah, I know, I'm in Ohio, and California and the Northeast have it much worse...but it's no picnic here, either! Cold, leftover snow, NO sun, and it's never-ending!!
Second..why don't they come out with new ms drugs? They had tysabri...but it got pulled, even after it had FDA approval! Because 2 people died from it, one from a 'serious neurological disorder'. Well, my husband looked at me and said, "I thought that was what you already had?" I do...but ms isn't so serious that you die from it...although sometimes I WISH it was...
So I had already talked to my dr at the Cleveland Clinic about this, and was going to get set up with it when I go up to see her in April. But...poof! That dream's gone!
But...why do I see, every time I turn on the tv, pills that you can take to get rid of fat?? That burns the shit out of me!! If you're fat, you can diet, exercise, walk, even standing up once in a while while you're at work will do WONDERS! But, no, some people who are very obese (just from lack of movement) would rather have the government pay them disability! Hah!! I only WISH I had a choice!! Fact is, I worked for 4 years after my diagnosis, when I had to use a CANE for God's sake!! And that was at least 3 years after my dr said I should have quit!!
So, this is what I do all day, type in my diary, read, watch tv, write letters to the editor of our local paper, et al.
I got an invitation to my friend's 40th birthday party at the end of this month, but the only way I can go, is if I can talk my husband or 21 year old daughter in to taking me....because of course, I don't drive any more, cuz my eyes have been so bad! And this party is an hour away, so I can pretty much fagiddaboudit! Grrrrr!!!
Anyway...comments are welcome!

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