Wednesday, March 30, 2005

random shitty thoughts...

Woo, two days in a row! Thanks, Tab, for getting me back into it!
Anyway, I was thinking today, how small my world would be if there was no internet or computers. My God, I thought I met lots of people at my jobs, but since I retired (on disability, thank you very much, God![said with heavy sarcasm]) and got a computer and the internet, I've made so many friends, I can hardly believe it! I now know people in Ohio (yeah, that's new), all over the U.S., a friend in Australia, a friend in Spain, a friend in South Africa...people I now care about, and if it weren't for the internet, I'dve never known they existed!
And if Kevin & I wouldn't have gotten married...who knows where Tiffany & I would be! I can see part of it right now...I'd probly be a crusty old crone with all kinds of wrinkles and stuff, and...oh I have to stop...that HURTS! And Tiff would, with my luck, probly have gotten pregnant at,, like, 14 or 15....ow! That hurts even WORSE!!
So...I also think that when moms take a leave when they have their babies, if at all possible, they should take the minimum they can, and take their real leave of absence when the kid turns 14. Especially if she's a girl! Even if that's the start of the time when she really begins to be hateful to you, and, obviously, according to her, you don't know ANYTHING! Because that's when she's going to start doing all the stuff with boys that you did...and you don't want that, do you??

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