Thursday, March 31, 2005

admiring Truman...

I have the BEST looking guy in the whole world living with, not Kevin, silly, my cat, Truman! (although Kevin isn't bad, either). I was laying on the couch this morning, and I had his soft red blanket over me, and he jumped up on it and snuggled down against me. I just was petting him, and admiring how cute he is, he's solid dark gray, no other color, even his nose is dark gray! Kev's brother's girlfriend said once "He has such a wise face!" And I guess I'd believe it even if I didn't know what he looked like, because she's a doctor (psychologist!). Well, I'd put a picture of Truman on here, but I installed that Picasa picture program, and I totally HATE it, so I uninstalled it. You'll just have to imagine this dark gray, distinguished-looking cat. But, honestly, he doesn't ACT very distinguished...he's always sucking on a blanket when he thinks nobody's looking! I told Kev one night he was, and Kev said, "you're just imagining it". Then I turned the light on, and Truman was laying there against his leg, sucking away on the comforter! I said "See? I told you I heard him slurping!!" I thought it was cute (oh, look, honey, he's nursing!"), but Kev gave him a shove & told him to don't do that! And he always licks my hands after I get in bed, then he goes out to the kitchen and crunches his food. I guess I'm the appetizer...
So, I can't believe that I got him at the animal shelter in the summer of 1999...I saved him from the 'green mile'!. He had already been there a month, & I can't believe nobody got him yet! And he was already neutered (de-balled!) and he was already declawed (front only!). That's great, cuz I wanted him to be an inside cat! Kevin didn't want him at first, cuz they had always had outside dogs (beagles) when he was growing up. But now that he's here, Kev even says he can't even imagine life without him! We tried the 'dog thing', a few times, but...I guess we're just not 'dog people'. First Kev's brother gave us a purebreed dalmatian puppy for Christmas in 1990...he grew up, and became VERY mean. We tried giving him away 4 times, after we advertised him in the paper (free to good home), but they always called us & asked us to come get him after 2 days. Finally, we took him to the animal shelter, and told them to call us if they couldn't get rid of him. They called a week later, & asked us to get him or they'd have to put him to sleep. He was too vicious, and they couldn't put him out on the floor for adoption! So, eventually, we found him a good home, but found out a year later that they had to put him to sleep, because he attacked a woman and bit off half her scalp, so bad she needed plastic surgery! Then we tried a beagle...that didn't work either, so I advertised her in the paper too, free to good home full-bred, 6 year-old, good dog, just not for us! So we had about 10 people & families come to look at her, and if they said they wanted her, we'd just say, 'we'll call you & let you know'...and the last people that came over got her...I saw Buffy's 'grandma' a few months ago, & she told me they've taken Buffy hunting, all kinds of stuff...she even had 3 litters of pups!!
Okay, I'm rambling...must be the can of Red Bull I had...and maybe the can of Mountain Dew Code Red I'm having now...I know I'm smoking a lot today!!

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