Thursday, October 01, 2009

random things from that store...

Those top two pictures are the house across the street from the big 'haunted' one. That house was known as 'The Bluestone Manor', and the one on the bottom is a couple streets away from that huge church/mansion, and it was originally the 'carriage house' for the mansion. This is the best area of town (in my opinion)...the most historic that I know of.
Like I said before...these were my two best years of my life (yeah, yeah, I far. But right now, I'm pretty much at a standstill) I'm just gonna pick random stuff to write about...
When I started there, the only person I knew was the store manager (you know, the hot one! Ralph) he introduced me to everyone, and, I guess, since everybody liked him, some of it must have bled over onto me! lol! That store was the first I ever worked at that was a 24-hour store. I met everyone but the two night managers...every store I've worked at since was 24hrs, & all night managers seem to have the same characters...offbeat, they'll do anything for you (or to you, if you make them mad!) lol!! Thinking back, that store was almost entirely people in their teens & early 20's. The oldest people that worked there was one cashier in her 60's, she was totally sweet! The head cashier who was about 45, the meat manager, about 30-ish...he was married w/kids, & a devout Jehovah's he said...etc, Autumnforest said, everyone's got a story. It's just kinda amazing how a bunch of "teenagers" ran this store! But, hey, it worked...the customers liked us. Actually, I think we were the 'comic relief' in their lives!
Some of the first people I met up there were the vendor/ FritoLay, beer, Coke/Pepsi...small companies that sell on their own, not through a store's warehouse. Some of them I still email with! They were the ones that brought in their own company's product. Since I was always there, I was always the one in charge of checking their product in, making sure that they were delivering what they charged for. After I had worked there a while, I was authorized to write the checks to those companies, like on Bert's (head cashier) day off. Now that's a total feeling of power! haha!
Okay, here's my first 'random story'! That store's safe was huge, like came- a bank safe, and it was in the store's office. Well, one day in the early afternoon, I was up there for something, and Bert was rushing around, & left the office to go help a cashier with something. Of course,another girl was up there too...I just gave her the "leave it to me" look, and curled up in the safe & closed the door (wouldnt have done that without someone there to make sure I didnt accidentally get locked in~!).
Here came Bert, all hurrying back to get change for the cashier. She bent over by the safe to get some rolls of quarters, etc, and swung the door open. I was polite, didn't want to give her a heart attack or anything. I just grabbed her wrist when she reached in. Hell, I was gonna say "no" or "that's mine", but I didn't even have time to, she screamed so fast! Now how much more fun could that place be? Even customers were givng me hi-fives all day!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!