Monday, October 26, 2009

more fun stuff...

Tif's in all these pictures, when she was about two or three...isn't she sweet?
These were all from the time I worked up in Fostoria. Lest you all think that all I did when I worked up there was get drunk, I was a good mom! I took her to work with me once in awhile, just cuz I missed being with her (well, she lived with me, but it seemed like I was always at work!), and everybody I worked with loved to see her, cuz she was the happiest 2 - 3 year old you EVER met! She'd go in the store with me in the morning, and make the rounds in the store to see everybody. One person or another would tell her she could stay with them while I went & got my morning stuff done around the produce dept, so she always did...she could carry on great conversations from the minute she learned to talk, for heaven's sake! Then I'd go get her back. and get my green apron on for work, and then I'd find one for Tif to wear too (can't you just picture it?). When I'd get a truck in, with a load of 10lb bags of potatoes, she would help me unload it! She was good with those! The 20 lb bags & 50 lb bags, I took care of myself...I wasn't a beast, after all! She used to have a lot of fun! All the truck drivers used to always talk to her too, she kept them busy while I was fighting to get the 150 bags of 50 lb bags of potatoes off the truck! phew, that was a job! I was always whipped when I got done, while Tif & everyone else at the store were all going "Where we goin' for lunch? Huh? Huhhh???" lol!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!!

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