Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween!!! ...on the Day Of The Dead...which isn't a bad thing, it's a remembrance of your dead relatives & loved ones!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! I did! I gave out about 40 lbs of candy bars, little toys, like fangs, stickers, teeny little Halloween notebooks, etc, and some bags of cotton candy spiderwebs! How cool! Since this'll be my last Halloween in this house, I HAVE TO go out big!! ordered everything from they know how to do ANY holidays!!
So, back to my #1 trick in Fostoria, even better than the hiding in the safe trick...of course, it had to be on one of the 2 night crew guys, whom I got along with very well.
One day I'd ordered so much stuff for the dept, and it was Halloween, or Christmas...sometime when I had tons to do in the department and since I was the only one that worked that department I was originally supposed to work til 4:30 or 5...but I had a shit-ton to do, so I called Mom here in town, & asked if she'd go get Tif & pleeez, pleez, could she stay over night with them that night? Mom said "Okay, of course she can!" So I ended up working into the night shift...and, wow, I never imagined it being that much fun!! 'Course, when you get super-tired, you'll laugh at ANYTHING! 'Punch-drunk', is what I believe it's called...and I was the only one that had gotten up at 6:30 am that morning! By around 2 am, I was ready for a break & some fun! So I went in the break room up front, which was pretty big and had a separate men's room & women's room off it on the two sides of the room. I was sitting there, just looking at all the junk in there, you know, duct tape, aspirin, heavy gloves, hairspray...hmmmm...hairspray...gotta be something to do with that...I sat at the table and lit a cigarette *idea creeping around the edges of my mind*...Maybe 5 minutes later, Chuck came flying around the corner, grabbing a magazine to read, so I knew he'd be in there for awhile (not only the magazine, but the "Gotta shit" tossed over his shoulder...). Now THAT was nothing but a challenge, you know?
I gave it about 5 more minutes, then quietly opened the outer door. Armed with the can of hairspray (aqua-net white aerosol can, in case anyone else wants to do this someday) & my lighter. I crawled over to where I saw Chuck's feet, and then lit my lighter & sprayed the hairspray over it under the wall to the stall...KA-WHOOSH!!! followed by a "%$%W#%&&)*(_(+*&%%W#%!!!! Libby, I'll kill you for that!!!" How the hell did he know it was me, & not Charles??...oh well, I'm still here...still laughing about it!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!