Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Christmas stuff...
yup, it was fun!
I missed Tiff's first baby shower Sunday, cuz I woke up at 1 am sneezing (good thing Truman didn't get offended by the inadvertant "shower" of "spittle"! However, the explosion in his ear scared the hell out of him...)! I hated to miss it, cuz Bro's family was all going & Kev's mom & everything, but Tif & Talan & everyone else didn't need to catch this! So I sent my present with Kev's mom, & the dr Tif works part-time for is having another baby shower for her this Saturday, so I'm sure I'll be better by then! And I got to get another cute little present for this week...workers at ebay should be thankful for people like me...I help support their daily fun/work! I saw that building complex on a special on CNBC, and it blew me away!
I'm watching the series "Life After People" on the history channel, and next is After Armageddon...nice cheery stuff for a cold, snowy night in with a pizza!!
That's it for tonight...I'm gonna go read middle east for dummies!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!