Tuesday, January 19, 2010

fun with facebook...

Decade in review...(thanks, sj!!)....http://www.newlaunches.com/entry_images/1209/31/2000-2010.php

I stole that from sj's facebook page a few weeks ago...and, yes, I did ask permission to use it! See? There is good stuff on FB!

I also spent 2 hours Sunday night 'playing' memory games with the facebook friends I have that went to the same elementary school (K-5!). One of 'our' gang posted one of the 3rd grade pictures of the whole class, with about 25 or 26 kids in it, and about 6 of us from across the country were trying to name them all! And after a couple hours, we had almost all of them! I think I remembered the most last names. Then we started talking about the names of the kids...in our class, there were 5 'Jeffs'! Seriously, do you ever think of that, how different the names are now? Who is naming their boys Jeff anymore? Or girls named Lori (with an O not AU!)? Or Lisa? Or, we had a Mary, Jerri, & Terri, & a Sheri...or Ann...Amy...Arlene...Dan. Geez...well, I have no business saying anything about that...Tiffany isn't exactly a Lisa or Lori...:-/

I finally went to the doctor today about my flu symptoms that I've had for about 3 weeks. I wasn't going to, until Tif pushed me into it yesterday, and I thought about it & realized if I didn't, I might be barred from the delivery room!

~~~~~~~~~~~ oh, hey...congratulations, Scott Brown, new Massachusetts senator!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(R)

I watched this race all day!!! It's not so much a vote for Republican-ism, but it's more like what everybody thought when they voted for Obama....CHANGE!! And I'm not Republican...I'm independant or libertarian.

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!