Wednesday, January 13, 2010

...short post...

Hey, everybody~! Sorry, I've been noticeably absent from all the blogs lately, not just mine (just so ya know I'm not prejudiced...I'm being a "blog snob" to everybody here)!!

I've been busy reading again, cuz, you know that's the favorite option on days where it's like 16 degrees F outside, and my deck & ramp get shoveled off every time I call the kid across the street that also runs my trash out to the street every week. I haven't asked him to shovel the deck/ramp this week. Bro came over and just out of the blue (Saturday), shoveled all of it, & out to the street, then sat down & asked could he go get anything for me? Wow! He's just a great guy. So he got me milk & candy bars & gum...etc...then my friend from church came over & helped me with a couple loads of laundry, & took my grocery list to WalMart for me, so I'm set...oh, and then her mom came over to get something from her, & she came in & met Truman cat has groupies for God's sake! He's gonna need his own blog & FB page soon, I'm sure...sheeshhh...

Speaking of FB...I've been checking that a little more lately...and I'm really glad I must not've been totally awful to too many people in the past! Cuz between Google & this blog & FB, 4 people have got in touch with me (it's all okay), well, more than 4, but the others were from my high school class reunion, and today I got an email on there, and it was from Kim's first boyfriend, when we were 15 & running around with Kevin1...I'd go to his house & Kim would go in the opposite direction to B's...keep in mind, we walked all over town...we were 14/15! He just said he remembered me from 28 years ago...holy mother of God! He only remembered me because I'm using my high school graduation picture on there...oh, & duh, I use my high school last name too...

So, that's most of what I've been doing, I have lots of books from my ebay certificate, Middle East For Dummies, Bold Fresh, by Bill O'Reilly; Going Rogue by Sarah Palin; Always Looking Up...Adventures of an Incurable Optimist, by Michael J Fox! And that one means a lot to me, a blog friend in Arizona who is as crazy about ghosts & reading & writing as I am...! I've only 'met' one person that reads books the way I do (Christine, I'm talkin' 'bout you!) Read 3 or 4 at a time, just have one in every room you go in, and you'll always have something to read! The other night the scariest "Twilight Zone" was on. It's called 'The Librarian', and it's about a guy who's as addicted to reading as I am, but he works at a bank all the time & has an awful wife, & never has TIME to read. One day a nuclear (I think) bomb went off & wiped out the bank, his wife, his life...but he walked down the street & came upon the public library, which was all collapsed & everything...but there were books ALL OVER....the classics, poems, Shakespeare...he had all kinds of time now, he thought, so he grabbed an armful, & tried to find a place to sit in the rubble. Then he lost his footing, & his great big thick hornrimmed glasses that he was pretty much blind without fell off his he's feeling around for them...he steps on them & they're crushed! I'll probably have nightmares about that tonight!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!


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