Friday, January 01, 2010

New year, new decade, new ??

Okay, friends...spill it...what are everyone's resolutions? I'm sticking with my old standby that I've NEVER broken in 5 years...I resolve to not make a New Year's resolution! Sneaky, huh? I have the most gorgeous daughter in the world, or what? I love these pictures! Especially the one of Tif & Mom up at Lake Erie! And her first baby picture at the hospital. Most of those aren't all that 'flattering'.
December's been a helluva busy month, even for me! Tif started having those "Braxton-Hicks" contractions on my birthday, but she went to the hospital right away, & they were able to stop them. She had to stay overnight, and now she's on bed rest, which sucks, but it's for the best, she knows, since Talan's not due till Feb 4th.
On Christmas morning, Tif & Mr Tif & Kevin came over (well, not morning, per se, but morning for me...about 1 or 2 pm!), and I gave Tif her gift cert for a manicure & pedicure, & gave Mr Tif his Microsoft points, & Tif gave me a Snuggie! Leopard-skin print, of course! I love it! & some perfume! Then Bro picked me up at 5 & took me out to his house, cuz all his kids & his wife & her family were going out there! That was fun! His tree is the most beautiful I've's a real tree, and its ten feet tall! Usually he gets one with the ball of roots on it, and plants it after Christmas, but they didn't have one this big with roots on it! I got my usual paypal gift certificate...& that's the best for me...cuz ebay takes it, of course! What's really bad is that I had gone to bed at 1am Dec 30th, &, according to my emails yesterday, I had obviously gotten up at 4 am, and spent the last $75 of last Christmas's paypal on ebay & I bought Bill O'Reilly's book, Sarah Palin's book, and a book called "The Middle East for Dummies"...and more stuff for the second baby shower that people are having for Tif! Oh, and a pink Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt! How in the HELL did I find something like that?? Some people get up & eat in their sleep...I get up & SHOP!! OMG!! Good thing I still had some leftover paypal $$$! Also, good thing I really wanted everything I ordered! I think I need a lock on my computer overnight...
And, yeah, I've been im'ing & emailing with Kevin1 (from 30 years ago!). We haven't gotten together yet, but we's been a busy month, after all! Some weeks he had to work 12 hours a day, 7 days...but at least he has a job, right? He even mentioned something I'd forgotten...he'd hit his head (hard!) on my bedstand when we saw each other about 20 years ago...and I laughed my ass off at him! He called me a big bully!
I went and got my thyroid checked the 23rd & 24th! I had thought it'd be a needle biopsy, but it wasn't (phewww!). I had to take a capsule of something the first day, I guess it was something radioactive, cuz he gave me a card I had to have with me if I went through an airport security thing for 5 days after I took it! Then I had to go back out the next day and have my thyroid x-rayed! And I haven't heard anything yet, but I'm sure they've been as busy as everyone else!
I get my next tysabri iv Jan 7th. Hope it helps!
Okay...that's been my life at the end of 2009!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!