Thursday, September 17, 2009

...not much to talk about today...

...I'm interupting the 80's job program for a day or 2...just cuz I've got a bunch of other stuff on my mind...
First of all....IT'S A GRANDSON!! We all met him Monday via an ultrasound! He's got super-long legs, and a super-strong heartbeat...and while the ultrasound lady was pointing out everything we were know, "here's the heart, 2 kidneys, the cute little nose...and do y'all want to see his package?" OMG! lololololololol!! How cool!
There's all kinds of health crap going on this week. Well, this month! I haven't felt better after the tysabri Sept 1st at all...which is a totally depressing feeling! But I've gone in and had every test known to man in the last 2 weeks, it seems. Got a bone density test, which still looks like it did last time 2 years ago, which means I don't have osteoporosis...but I still need to take calcium+vit D, fosamax once a week, and "keepdrinkingmilk!" ...Also started drinking whole milk & Carnation instant breakfast, which has more fat, & is a LOT cheaper than Boost! I've gained a pound a week this month which puts me up to 94 lbs! Yippee! And I had another mri on my brain & cervical spine...No changes on my brain, but, this sucks...there's a node on my thyroid. I asked if maybe that had anything to do with the fact that I can't gain weight. Dr S said no, all my blood tests on my thyroid have come back normal. So I have to go have it ultrasounded Thursday...grrrrrrr! Exactly how much shit do ya want to throw at me?
The picture up there of the 666 carved into the stone post is, unbelievably, at the back parking lot of the huge Etowah church up there. That church used to be the Kings' mansion...the King family is who we (Mom & Dad, when I was 2!) bought our house from here in town, they lived in that house after the mansion/church. The lake-type thing is in someone's backyard, for heaven's sake, right across the street fron the church...the tree with the hole in it is on the other street on the other side of the church. My first apartment was on that street, with the scary attic & all. And I remember sitting on the front porch of that apartment, drinking a beer, and watching a neat little owl in the tree at the church! That whole area just seemed magical.
Okay, gotta go.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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