Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tuesday already???

The top picture up there is behind the first groc store I worked at here in Marion...I guess I started in maybe November 1984, right after Tif turned a year old and I left my first husband. That divorce took about a year and a half, but, in the long run, well, the hard things you go through and put a lot of time & work into are (for the most part) worth it. You just never know what you can do until you have to do it, right?
I forget what the purple bush up there in the middle is..hyacinth? maybe? And those wild looking flowers on the bottom, they're just different.
Anyway, I started getting a lot of hours at work, cuz, of course, once I had called off sick one day (a 4 hr day, I just hadn't felt like going! lazy!), I noticed how little money I had!! That's when I realized how truly broke I was! I was gonna say I was flat busted, but, why the hell should I just give all of you an easy one on me?? lol!
Actually, that just reminds me of a birthday card the head cashier at that store gave me a month later for my birthday...on the front it said "Listen, I'll tell you a joke so funny you'll laugh your tits off..."open it up..."Oh. I see you already heard it." Yeah, we all were great friends immediately...that was my birthday card in December, & I'd just started there in Nov!
When I was a cashier, well, it's so different looking at the front of a store now...there were no such things as scanners yet, remember? Prices were either stamped on in ink, or we used a label gun! I remember once when Tif & I were in there shopping, the assistant manager was using a label gun on stuff, and she stuck a price on Tif as we went by, and Tif was scared as hell of the loud click-clack it made! From then on until she was probably 4, Kathy always chased her with a label gun when we were in!
We had a lot of food stamp customers at that store, and I remember in the summer kids would come in (sent by their parents), and try to buy one pack of Kool-Aid for 17 cents and get the change for their parents, so they could buy cigarettes with the change from a couple packs of Kool-Aid. Wow. Brings all kinds of stuff back!
One afternoon, I was ringing up a customer's stuff, (& probably flirting with him too), my ex-husband's mom & sister came charging in, and both started giving me hell, for what I can't remember, but...they were yelling at me in front of anyone in there "You ruined my son's life!" (hmmm. maybe you shouldve taught your 27 year old son not to get an 18 yr old pregnant?) lol!
Naaahhhh...the customer & the head cashier calmed them down and made them leave. I'm glad, cuz that was before I was a real smartass, & I was shook up, & half crying...then the customer I had been helping smiled and said "Wow. Didja give him aids?" (remember...early 80's...). Man, I was good friends with him forever after that! I even remember, his name was Rhett...and I actually named my Mazda RX-7 that a few years later!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!